Minnesota Timberwolves Overcome Memphis Grizzlies

By StephRossi
Oct. 21, 2016

After Minnesota's bench/reserves fell to OKC a few nights ago, they returned home to Minnesota for another win on October 19. Going up against the Grizzlies, Minnesota played well as a unit like they have been doing so far. This time around, they used their starters. In fact, their starters are the ones to thank.

The was four out of the five usual guys (Wiggins was out for the night):

Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Brandon Rush, Karl-Anthony Towns, Gorgui Dieng

It was a bloodbath over the course of the first three quarters when the Wolves were winning 91-57. By that time, the starters had shown their inner-beast – or may i say their inner-wolf – and sat out for the final period. Towns had a resounding 31 points (can he win sophomore of the year too???), LaVine had with 18 points and Gorgui Dieng had a satisfying 19 points. If numbers like this become a habit during the regular season, the Wolves will be a fun team to watch! The Minnesota bench once again struggled on their own and trailed for the final quarter 37-10. Yikes! Although our starters are looking golden (even without Wiggins), the team seems to lack depth.

Many believed in the rookie, Kris Dunn, and although it's not the real deal yet, . That spilled on over into this game where Dunn had 0 points in 15 minutes. It may be too early to pin something like this on the fifth pick, but it seems like Dunn will have a bit of trouble shooting this season (his assist column isn't too shabby though).

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