NFL16 Cherry Picks W12: Who Makes Your Playoff Final Four?

By StevenKeys
Nov. 25, 2016

Minute Waltz Thanksgiving

Late-game INT aside, Bradford’s value to Vikes is unquestionable;

Lions Whitehead goes Lennon (Here, There & Everywhere): 11 solo;

Cowboys’ Sean Lee goes Paul McCartney v. Redskins: 14t - 9 solo;

Cowboys half-time show: Grotesque, in contemporary SB tradition;

Steelers @ Colts: A proven back-up QB is no luxury, it’s a necessity.

Minute Waltz Week 11

D-minded, Arizona still misses their Sun King, Tyrann Mathieu;

NFL16 will likely produce less than ten 1000-yard rushers;

Ryan Tannehill is NFL’s Rodney Dangerfield (“get no respect”);

“Future Shock” for Pack & Cheeseheads entering Mediocre City;

Quarterback GWD totals driving much of the excitement in 2016.

The Jell-O® Four: Proof is in the Pudding

For clothing, proof is in the wear…and the wash.

In culinary creations, proof is in the taste…and the digestion (Burp!).

In NFL, proof of championship caliber’s seen in week-to-week play.

At the two-thirds mark of this NFL 2016 season there’s been plenty of game action, mettle testing from which to glean who are those top (four) contenders for hoisting the 2017 Lombardi trophy. That all making it possible for some bold predictions.

Not the Super Bowl forecast, mind you. Picking those two teams at Week 12 would be like pre-season prophecies on the Big Game, which are about as valuable as four-day old turkey. Hash it, Honey!

Instead, it’s time to select your AFC - NFC Conference championship teams for the games that often prove more competitive than the Super (Snoozer) Bowl.

Time to cut through all the crap, i.e., playoff pretenders (NFCN, AFCS champ), and settle on the four juggernauts who are just one win away from the Big “Par-taaay (D.Heffernan),” teams that’re most likely to run the gauntlet and come out Top Dog. Woof!

And because it’s possible that your (my) Conference picks will face-off earlier in the PS, consider THAT to be the championship game between the two best, or possible that none of your chosen CC teams at W12 will even land a playoff spot (0-4), you could end up with some sizable egg on your face when the title tussles actually kick-off in mid-January. But no risk, no reward, like if you go all Rogers Hornsby with the picks (4-for-4).

What to look for in Conference championship combatants?

1) Balance (offense / defense team rankings);

2) 1st-Team All-Pro talent at key positions (that includes footmen);

3) ‘In good’ with the Gods (at / below NFL average on injuries), and

4) Low point-margins in loss. How ya lose as relevant as how ya win.

Juggernaut Club cues: Defensive mettle and composure (GWD).

2017 NFC Championship: Seattle Seahawks v. New York Giants

2017 AFC Championship: New England Patriots v. Pittsburgh Steelers

Seahawks: It’s Carrolling Time.

Giants: Gathering of veterans (Eli)

Patriots: Bill, Tom & Pax Patriotana

Steelers: Big Ben Roethlisberger

Cherry Picks Week 12

Tennessee (5-5) @ Chicago (2-8): 11.27 CBS 1:00: Bears win

Bengals (3-5-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (5-5): CBS 1:00: Cincy wins

Cardinals (4-5-1) @ Atlanta Falcons (6-4): Fox 1:00: Arizona wins

LA Rams (4-6) @ New Orleans Saints (4-6): Fox 1:00: Saints win

Chargers (4-6) @ Houston Texans (6-4): CBS 1:00: Chargers win

Seahawks (7-2-1) @ Tampa Bay Bucs (5-5): Fox 4:05: 'Hawks win

KC Chiefs (7-3) @ Denver Broncos (7-3): NBC 8:30: Denver wins

Green Bay (4-6) @ Eagles (5-5): 11.28 Disney 8:30: Packers win

Record: 49 -58 -2

Steven Keys

NFL HunchLine

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