Alec's College Football Top 25 (Week 14)

By Alec Skebo
Nov. 28, 2016

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

3. Clemson Tigers

4. Washington Huskies

5. Michigan

6. Wisconsin

7. Penn State

8. Colorado

9. USC

10. Oklahoma

11. Oklahoma State

12. Western Michigan

13. Florida State

14. West Virginia

15. Stanford

16. Florida

17. Navy

18. Louisville

19. Auburn

20. Virginia Tech

21. Nebraska

22. South Florida

23. Boise State

24. Utah

25. LSU

Notable Takeaways:

• The College Football Playoff is starting to take form and the top four teams are starting to separate themselves. However, we still have championship weekend still to come. Washington needs to win the Pac 12 championship to stay in the top four. Clemson needs to beat VA Tech to remain atop the rankings as well. The interesting one is the B1G 10 championship game. Will a second team get in the playoff from the best conference in College Football? Michigan is the better team between Wisconsin, Penn State and themselves but will the power of winning a conference title propel a two loss team into the playoff? We’ll have to wait and see.

• The Game: Wow. Wow. Wow. The most watched College Football game was played on Saturday morning if you didn’t know. It went into double overtime and there were some questionable calls that really caused the outcome of the game. At the end of the day, Michigan had their chances to clinch the W and they didn’t. Did Barrett cross the plane? Was there PI on Ohio State in overtime? Could Speight complete a pass not into the turf? It doesn’t matter because as we sit here today, the Buckeyes prevailed and will be in the Playoff. Swallow your pride Michigan you played a hell of a game and between you and I, the Wolverines defense outplayed the Buckeyes for four quarters (not overtime) but the final score says it all.

• The SEC is not good this year. Yes, Alabama is on top and is the favorite to win it all. But, the rest of the pack is average. Florida could hardly hold their own against FSU in their rivalry game. Tennessee lost to Vanderbilt, that’s right Vanderbilt. The fact that there is only one SEC team in the entire top 10 (in the AP ranks Florida sits at 10 but not in mine), goes to show how much of a let down this season has been for the former best conference in the country. I do have to say LSU looked very impressive even though they have four losses this season. I’m so glad Coach O got promoted to a full time head coaching gig for the Baton Rouge Tigers, he deserves it. 


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