Alec's College Football Top 25 (Week 15)

By Alec Skebo
Dec. 06, 2016

With the regular season coming to a close and the playoffs and bowl games on the horizon these are my Top 25 rankings for Week 15.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

2. Clemson Tigers

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

4. Washington Huskies

5. Michigan

6. Penn State

7. Wisconsin

8. USC

9. Oklahoma

10. FSU

11. Colorado

12. Western Michigan

13. Oklahoma State

14. Louisville

15. Auburn

16. Stanford

17. West Virginia

18. Temple

19. Florida

20. USF

21. VA Tech

22. Utah

23. LSU

24. Pitt

25. Iowa

Notable Takeaways:

• The last Playoff rankings have been finalized. The conference champions have been named. I’m keeping the Top 4 the same as the Committee because I believe those are the four best teams in the country. The argument about Penn State going over Ohio State should stop. They are not in a tie breaker situation. Ohio State has one loss and three wins against top 10 opponents. Penn State has two losses and two wins against top 6 opponents. The fact that Ohio State has one loss means they deserve the Playoff spot over them end of story. Washington is your Pac 12 Champions and Clemson the ACC Champions so they get their deserved spots as well. There is really no need to talk about Alabama. They’re undefeated and Alabama so they got the 1 seed.

• The Heisman finalists were announced this week. It has come down to five phenomenal athletes. In my opinion, it has been a two man race all year between Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson. The other three should enjoy the free trip to New York City. Who do I give the nod to? Deshaun Watson. He’s the better player with the better team. Lamar Jackson, to me, lost his chance by having his team take two more losses towards the end of the season. He’ll probably win it next year anyways.