Alec's NFL Mock Draft 2017 2.0

By Alec Skebo
Nov. 18, 2016

Hey all. I hope everyone is doing well. A new week is upon us so I figured it was a perfect time to release a new Mock Draft. The draft order has changed obviously based on the new records of each team taken on November 17. There have been some obvious changes based upon the last seven days of football that have been played and film that I have studied. Certain players have slid up and down my board. Anyways, let’s forget about the logistics and talk football. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Cleveland Browns – DL, Jonathan Allen, Alabama

Surprised? This is the first major change I have in my mock draft this week. Jonathan Allen has been thumping his opponents after really transforming into a superstar from his junior to senior seasons. He can play the 3-technique DT or he can play the 4-3 DE. He changes the entire look and attack of the defense, not just the front seven when he’s out there and the offense has to game plan for him. He’s that dominant you better believe it. The Browns could use someone like this. He’s an Aaron Donald type player.

2. San Francisco 49ers – OLB, Myles Garrett, Texas A&M

It’s plain and simple that Allen and Garrett are interchangeable here at one and two. Garrett is a blue chip, game-changing player. He’s a freak of nature that most see as racking up countless pro bowls in the future. The Niners would be lucky to add him to their squad. Although he’s primarily a pass rusher, he’s going to play three downs for whatever team he plays for.

3. Chicago Bears – CB, Quincy Wilson, Florida

Calm down. This may be a bit of a stretch but let me explain. The Bears need to improve their secondary and with this position at three it is somewhat tricky. They can’t and shouldn’t reach for O line help or a receiver assuming Alshon leaves. The defense needs the help. Quincy is the best corner in this draft and has been flying up draft boards. On that star studded Gator defense he is the best player out there. He can play man and zone, play physical and challenge for the ball at the highest point. This fits a need for the Bears. It’s not sexy but it’s smart.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars – RB, Leonard Fournette, LSU

Its been all SEC so far in this mock with Fournette going next off the board. When are the Jaguars going to accept that Blake Bortles is a bust and not their quarterback of the future? They will most likely not come to terms with that for a couple more years. I thought secondary but I like Ramsey, Gipson, and Amakamura. But then I realized it’s obvious. It’s Fournette. He’s a tank. He’s a superstar. He’s going to be apart of the next great age of running backs with Todd Gurley. The Jags are going to need to score points with their awful quarterback.

5. NY Jets – LB, Reuben Foster, Alabama

I just love the possibility of a pairing between Todd Bowles and Reuben Foster. What a match made in heaven. Foster loves to hit people. He’s an ILB in a 3-4 or a MLB in a 4-3. He gets a ton of Patrick Willis comparisons. Being an Arizona fan, I watched a lot of Willis and oh my he was incredible. Foster is a bullet to the ball and hardly ever misses his tackles. He can play in zone coverage well but his man could use some work although he isn’t bad by any means. Him and Darron Lee will be a great pair.

6. Carolina Panthers – EDGE, Derek Barnett, Tennessee

The Panthers need to figure out that defense because it isn’t going to hold up for long or carry them into the playoffs by any means. I thought a secondary player but to me the best player in the front seven on the board is Barnett. I almost feel like I’m cheating him as a player buy putting “EDGE” as his position. This boy can play as a real DE. The SEC has known his name since he came in as a freshman and he deserves to be in the top 10.

7. San Diego Chargers – S, Malik Hooker, Ohio State

Like I said in my last mock, San Diego needs to find a replacement for Weddle. Hooker seems to look like he will be the first safety taken off the board as the season continues. He has the highest ceiling and most definitely will be playing FS. His counterparts Peppers and Adams could be LB’s or SS’s and San Diego doesn’t necessarily need that. This pick just makes sense. They can address their receiver and O line needs later on in the draft and not reach here.

8. Cincinnati Bengals – EDGE, Tim Williams, Alabama

The Bengals are somewhat SOL on this pick. They would love to have Barnett or Foster but unfortunately the cards didn’t fall their way in this mock. Tim Williams still feels a need as an edge rusher and a linebacker. I don’t think he can play linebacker for three downs though. Doesn’t it seem like the Bengals are a fit for a guy like this too? He has off the field issues and character issues but Marvin Lewis has taken that on before with Pacman Jones and Burfict.

9. Buffalo Bills – S, Jabrill Peppers, Michigan

The Bills need some help on the defensive side of the football. I think they should go DE or secondary with this pick. Peppers can play all over the field for this Bills team. He is the most versatile player in this draft and his flashiness and play making ability may be what the Bills need. He can play the highly coveted nickel position or even put him in the box as a SS. I really like this pick here.

10. Tennessee Titans (from LA) – CB, Teez Tabor, Florida

The Titans need a corner and Tabor fits that need. He’s hyper athletic and is great in tackling in space. He does have some off the field red flags but that hasn’t stopped this Titans organization before (Dorial Green-Beckham). It fits a need that absolutely has to be addressed. It’s smart because they aren’t reaching here either. The Titans, to me, are the best team in the AFC South. Likewise, Marcus Mariota is better than Jameis Winston.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers – LB, Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt

This may be quite the stretch for some people. Cunningham has been sliding up the boards as of late and he fills the linebacker hole the Steelers have. His play style seems to warrant him to play well in the AFC North. He will be a long time LB for whoever does pick him. He shoots gaps nicely and his instincts are solid. His ability to play well in the run game doesn’t hinder that in coverage. He can cover at the next level and I would love to see him work with a historically great defensive franchise in Pittsburgh.

12. Indianapolis Colts – EDGE, Carl Lawson, Auburn

The Colts need to make a splash with someone on the outside of their front seven on defense. They can’t get to the passer and their offense is constantly on the field. Their defense has not been good for quite a long time and the addition of Lawson will help. He’s a wrecking ball when he’s in his groove out on the gridiron and he’s played the tough talent of the SEC to prove it. This fits a need for the Colts although I know a lot of you want Dalvin Cook here.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – S, Jamal Adams, LSU

This is the one pick that seems to never change for me. The Bucs are going to make this pick, it’s destined at this point five months out of the draft. Adams is a blue chip prospect in my opinion. He’s going to be very good at the next level. The trick is, he needs to play SS. In the NFL he cannot cover the quick and tall receivers like a corner or free safety does. He can make all the tackles you want him to. He was born and bred from DBU. He will make pro bowls. NFL comparison is Laron Landry (courtesy of a comment I read on reddit thank you).

14. New Orleans Saints – LB, Jarrad Davis, Florida

This is another player who has been high on some teams’ boards. The Saints are in dire need of a MLB presence. The middle of the field needs to be plugged if they have any chance of winning their division. The top two LB’s in the class to best fill this need has already been taken. Jarrad is worthy of a first round pick, maybe not this high, but it wouldn’t be a waste. He can make plays and be a game-changer for them.

15. Green Bay Packers – RB, Dalvin Cook, FSU

Before they even make this pick, fire McCarthy. Alright now onto this pick. The Packers have been disappointing this season and yet somehow still might make the playoffs. Their offense has not looked the same and therefore I think they need a sparkplug to add. Cook is a top 20 prospect who fits well with this team’s offensive scheme. Green Bay’s receivers haven’t been on the same page with Rodgers and Lacy can’t stay on the field. So, I think it’s time to solve that issue and add an offensive weapon for Rodgers.

16. Arizona Cardinals – QB, Deshone Kizer, Notre Dame

This is my favorite team ever. I want them to win a championship and end the drought so badly. They’re capable of it but their window is closing. Carson has one more year left in him maybe not even. His arm is slowly deteriorating like Manning’s did and oh my goodness he’s looked awful some games. Tony Romo is not an option please. Now we have our replacement. Kizer is a great quarterback for our scheme that Arians will love to work with. He has all the tools and is coachable and has great character. I would love to take a corner here but I think it’s such a great corner draft that we can get one later on. Come on boys let’s make the wild card this year. We’d beat anyone but Dallas if we got in.

17. Tennessee Titans – WR, Corey Davis, Western Michigan

I’m sure Titans fans are going to be mad that both their picks have not changed for them from the last mock I wrote. That’s ok, these are two very good players. Corey Davis is the best receiver in this class regardless of the competition he plays at Western Michigan. He’s huge and hungry to prove everyone wrong coming from the MACtion. Mariota would have a field day with him as an additional and possibly number one weapon. If the Titans keep winning and end up farther down don’t be shocked if you see a tight end taken.

18. Miami Dolphins - EDGE, Takkarist McKinsley, UCLA

The Dolphins have somehow magically won four games in a row. How? Adam Gase is the answer, their outside pass rushers are not. They desperately need help out on the edge by bringing in some young talent. They’ve shown in the past they aren’t shy on gambling (Dion Jordan ha), and McKinsley to some could be a steal later on. He’s a pass rusher primarily, not a three down DE at the next level though. You get what you draft.

19. Baltimore Ravens – DE, Charles Harris, Missouri

This pick was hard to decide on for me. The Ravens, who usually draft phenomenally and take BPA, are hard to figure out this year. Are they still rebuilding? Are they closer to being back to contender-like form sooner than we think? Either way, they need to improve their pass rush. Charles Harris a freaking beast. I know that the Ravens would rather have a true OLB, but Carl Lawson is off the board. Harris has stood up and played the 2-technqiue in college and has the pass rush moves to do well no matter the scheme. Ozzie Newsome will have himself another good football player.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota) – CB, Gareon Conley, Ohio State

The Eagles need to address the secondary in this upcoming draft. Yes, they do need to find Wentz a good, credible number one guy to throw to but that can be addressed in other rounds, free agency or via trade. Conley plays very good man coverage and is skilled with his hands to play physical and close to the receiver without causing interference. He has the upside to be a starter in the league for a long time. Smart pickup by the Eagles if they go this way.

21. Detroit Lions – DE, Dewuane Smoot, Illinois

The Lions are going to need to have someone play opposite Ansah if Taylor leaves in free agency. Smoot is a good pick for this range in the first round as well as fits a needs. He’s played well and almost flown under the radar compared to how high up on boards he once was just a few months ago. He’s a solid player, not a game-changer.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia) – CB, Sidney Jones, Washington

The Browns need help in the secondary after continuously getting gashed this season. After taking care of their super star in their front seven it’s now time to add a pro bowler to the secondary. Sidney has great fluidity in his hips and motion when he’s playing man to man coverage which allows him to keep up with athletic receivers. He plays the ball well which I like because that means he is a low penalty player. Safe, smart pick.

23. Atlanta Falcons – DT, Malik McDowell, Michigan State

The only player in the front seven contributing for this Atlanta defense has been Vic Beasley who has been playing incredible this season in the top three in the league for sacks. Suring up their defensive line could go a long way for Dan Quinn’s unit and I know he loves defense. A lot of people want corner here I don’t see it. I think they go somewhere on that defensive line whether it’s tackle or end.

24. Washington Redskins – OT, Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

Well we’ve gone through over twenty of these picks and the first tackle is finally taken off the board. They just aren’t that top heavy this year. The Redskins have failed to win the battle in the trenches on either side of the ball this season putting a lot of pressure on that offense to perform which it has trouble doing. I like McDowell here too but he was taken one ahead of them. This will help them out in the long term and add an anchor on that line for Cousins.

25. New York Giants – EDGE, Ryan Anderson, Alabama

This guy has an exceptional motor and has a knack for always finding the football. He’s been climbing up draft boards and the only reason I have him here is because it fits a need and I like him better than Solomon Thomas. The Giants play their best with a dominant defense and pass rush (look at 2008) and that’s what they need to get back to.

26. Houston Texans – T, Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

Brock Osweiler is a bust. Can we all agree on that at this point? He was overpaid and now the Texans are somehow the worst 6-3 team in NFL history. That offense needs some help and it starts at quarterback and the o line. The Texans do need an ILB but there’s no reason to reach for one here. They need help on that O line first.

27. Denver Broncos – TE, OJ Howard, Alabama

I did want to go Cam Robison here, I really did. But, I feel like there’s at least one deserving tight end to go in the first round. This one of the only teams left who could possibly do it. OJ can do it all, he’s well coached and will produce for any NFL team he is on. This could also be where Bucky Hodges go since Kubiak loves tight ends in his offense.

28. Seattle Seahawks – T, Cam Robinson, Alabama

The Seahawks have to do a better job of protecting Russell Wilson. They have struggled all season to do it. Both tackle positions need to be filled asap for them. You know they’re going to be looking for an answer all the way up until the draft.

29. New England Patriots – DE, Solomon Thomas, Stanford

The Patriots really missed Jamie Collins and Chandlers Jones Sunday night when they lost to Seattle on the goal line. It was smart to get rid of Collins, although many don’t think so, but not Chandler Jones. It was evident that the Patriots now have no pass rush and simply played with no sense of urgency on Sunday minus Malcom Butler. Are you kidding me? You’re the Patriots there’s no rebuilding. You’re supposed to be a contender if not the favorites right now. This pick will help them in their front seven.

30. KC Chiefs – WR, John Ross, Washington

The Chiefs’ defense is stout. They came back on Carolina down 0-17 last week which was awesome to watch if you’re a KC fan. They need more playmakers on offense and they have since Andy Reid took over. John Ross is explosive and would definitely benefit this team. He has elite speed and his route running is impeccable.

31. Oakland Raiders – DE, DeMarcus Walker, FSU

The Raiders defense just gets even scarier with this pick. Walker has the ability to dominate at the collegiate level. He has strong, quick hands that allow for him to put on the moves when he rushes the passer. He’s a freak athlete who has been climbing up boards as well. I love this pick. I love Khalil Mack. Stay in Oakland, don’t go to Vegas.

32. Dallas Cowboys – DL, Caleb Brantley, Florida

The Cowboys have it figured out on offense this year with Zeke pulling away as the front runner for MVP. But their defense isn’t too good. They need help in the front seven. Brantley is 6’2” 295 and is a force to block at times for his opponents. I love this pick late in the first round for an already Super Bowl contender.

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