Report: Kristaps Porzingis out for season with Torn ACL!!

By Anirudh Subramanian
Feb. 07, 2018

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks season is over. I know they have still have like 30 games to go but what happened last night has major rippling effect on the Knicks going forward. Kristaps Porzingis went up for a dunk and then fell awkwardly, while grabbing at his knee. It was later revealed through an MRI that he tore his ACL. Just terrible news.

In the wake of the devastating Kristaps Porzingis news, members of the organization had discussed the idea of playing younger players like Frank Ntilikina and Trey Burke more often for the remainder of the season, per sources. It is unclear at this point if that is the definitive plan going forward. One source in touch with members of the organization said the club would change its approach at the deadline. Prior to the injury, the Knicks planned to operate as a team still hoping to make the playoffs.

My reaction to this news is that this franchise is in totally limbo for the next 2 years. ACL injuries take about a year to comeback from, so there is good chances that he misses all of next season as well, putting him into the 2020 season. Plus we have seen mix results in how players recover. The biggest worry is that Porzingis is such a slender player and does not have very big base, which could cause lingering issues through-out his career. The once promising star has a long journey ahead of him to recovery. For the Knicks as an organization, it signals a total rebuild, with trading all veteran players away and tanking for better picks.

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