Queens of Combat 17 & 18 Results

By davidfunk74
Feb. 25, 2017

returned to Gibsonville, NC at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for Double Feature day and night shows.  The new QOC tag team champions were crowned during the day as eight teams started -- with one team at the end becoming the promotion's first to hold those belts.  Su Yung also defended her title on QOC 18 show after winning the belt at the previous event during WrestleCade weekend.

Here are the results of the show:

QOC 17 results:

-Thunder Kitty defeated Daysia Day

This was the first time I've seen Daysia Day in a match since she injured her knee last year.  Before the bout got started, Thunder Kitty took $5 from a fan after she charged them for pics of her.  She took that $5 from a fan and said she would buy a 6-pack later with it.  Anyway, Day at one point in the match hit a splash on Kitty that appeared to have won her the match.  However, the finish came when Day attempted to hit a sunset flip -- only for it to be countered into a pin while holding the ropes by Kitty for the win.

Tag Team Tournament First Round match

-Rachael Ellering & Nevaeh defeated D&D Muscle Factory w/Zane Riley

The first bout in the tag team tournament went in favor of Ellering and Nevaeh.  One comedic spot in this bout was when Nevaeh hit a suplex on Riley as he got into the ring while the match was going on.  Later, Nevaeh won the match for her team with a roll-up on D'arcy Dixon as her and Ellering advanced to the semi-final match of the tag team tournament.

-Faye Jackson defeated Davienne

For whatever reason, I forgot to jot down how the finish went here.  What I do recall is before the bout when Faye was dancing to her theme with my good buddy Brandon Lyles.  It was my first time seeing Davienne.  I do Faye ended up winning this match though.

Tag Team Tournament First Round match

-Taeler Hendrix & Laurel Van Ness defeated Kiera Hogan & Aja Super Perera

In the second match of the tournament, Hendrix and Van Ness won the bout when the two hit a double-team tombstone piledriver on Perera to get the win and to advance to the semi-final match of the tag team tournament.

Tag Team Tournament First Round match

-Sexy Young Caramels defeated the Fella Twins & Jamie

Okay, this is the portion of the show that set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Originally, the Sexy Young Caramels advanced to the next round of the tournament by DQ.  The Fella Twins are a cross-dressing team, but they are quite an entertaining trio I must say.  Aerial Monroe from SYC insisted on being in a match and it was made into a 6-woman tag bout.  But before all that took place, Monroe got on the mic and said she didn't come all the way up here without her fiance and daughter to put up with this S&@t.  From there, the "b" word must have been used at least 20 times(very likely more) and the mannerisms in which they said them had most every fan in attendance laughing in tears.  It was very much like a Jerry Springer segment that the crowd was really into.  I do remember a "Beat that "B"! chant that took place.  The end came when Monroe got the pin for her team to win the match.  What a segment this was and it certainly was far different than any other that QOC has even attempted to do up that point.

-Angel Rose defeated Samantha Heights

These two went at it at the previous QOC even during WrestleCade weekend.  The two put on yet another stellar performance at QOC, but with a different result this time around.  Rose hit a moonsault and swan dive on Heights in the match, but couldn't win it with those moves either time.  She did hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Heights to get the win though.  These two have been impressive in all the matches I've seen them in at QOC.

-Kennadi Brink defeated Britt Baker

Before the match, my friend Mike Kalasnik had a sign up that said, "Tag Team Partner should be Jessie Kaye".  Kennadi didn't like that at all.  Then there were "Kennadi!" chants to go along with it.  Also, a "Say My Name!" song lyric chant was said that had me rolling.  As far as the match goes, these two women showed a lot of toughness.  There was one point in the match when Baker kicked Brink as Kennadi fell into the chair next to where my friend Brandon Lyles was sitting.  If you've seen Brandon at these shows, that certainly doesn't come as a shock.  Later, Kennadi had Baker in submission with her body around the ring post.  The end of the match came when Brink hit a suplex on Baker for the win.  Brink called out Su Yung and said she was taking her title after the match.  A very solid showing by both here.

Tag Team Tournament First Round match

-Lucha Sisters aka Outlaw Inc defeated The Sea Stars

I loved how this match played out.  Leva Bates was called Leva "Homicide" Bates and Jade was Jade Kingston.  The Sea Stars are a very good tag team, and it was my first time seeing them live.  Bates wrestled with candy in her hand at times.  As the match progressed, she dumped a bag of gold fish candy in the middle of the ring.  Us fans called them "fish tacks".  Another time, Bates put some gold fish between her fingers as that was called "fishknucks".  One of the Sea Stars tried to reel in Bates with a fishing line, but Jade came into the ring to cut the line.  That led to a "That was gangsta!" chant from the crowd.  The end came when Bates and Jade hit what was inverted double team drop for the win as Leva got the pin for her team.  They advanced to the semi-finals of the tag team tournament.  This was a fun match to watch.

QOC 18 Results:

-Aja Super Perera defeated Miss Diss Lexia w/Zane Riley

This was the first match of the second show.  Riley is a trip and he was seen multiple times trying to stop fans from cheering.  He later got involved and had a big hand in the outcome of this match.  Riley fell onto Miss Diss Lexia before Aja Super Perera super-kicked her.  As Riley trapped Miss Diss Lexia, Aja Super Perera secured a pin and a win in a good match to start the night show.

Tag Team Tournament semi-final match

-Taeler Hendrix & Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachael Ellering & Nevaeh by DQ

The first semi-final match of the tag team tournament was a good one with a familiar ending.  I do recall how many times Ellering was given grief for trying to intervene and being told to stay in her corner as Nevaeh was in the ring.  Ellering told some of us about it during the match.  The referee was inadvertently knocked down and this allowed Van Ness and Taeler to grab a chair from the crowd.  Before the ref could stir up, Taeler used an Eddie Guerrero tactic of faking like Nevaeh actually hit her with a chair.  The ref unknowingly called for a DQ on Nevaeh and Ellering that eliminated them from the tournament.  Taeler and Van Ness moved onto the finals of the tournament.

-Samantha Heights defeated Kiera Hogan

This was a good match with the ending coming when Heights her spinning roundhouse kick on Hogan as she was on her knees that allowed her to get the win.

Tag Team Tournament semi-final match

-Lucha Sisters aka Outlaw Inc defeated the Sexy Young Caramels

This was another fun match I loved here.  The two sides had some fun on promos before the bout got started.  This led to it turning into a 6-women tag match that determined which team would make to the finals of the tag team tournament.  Outlaw Inc brought out Angel Rose as their partner for this one.  Rose made an impact early in the match with a dive to the outside of the ring onto members of SYC.  During the bout, chants of "Doc his pay!" were made at the ref as were "See Jesus!" as well.  There was a cool looking spot when Leva countered a move into a cross-face submission onto Savannah Evans.  However, the end of the match didn't come until Jade hit a package piledriver on Aerial for the win as her team advanced to the finals of the tag team tournament.  A fantastic showing by all here as well as the promos to start it all off.

-Fella Twins defeated the Sea Stars

I'm not even gonna lie here.  The Fella Twins were a riot on their promo before this match.  They insulted the Sea Stars like true heels and at one point said they smelled like fish.  I'm not even kidding on that.  They had a catwalk contest before the match started which seen one of the Fella Twins trip on the ramp.  After that, the Sea Stars were given an option of what type of contest they would compete in.  They wanted a swimming contest and that led to the Fella Twins trying to attack them as the bout got underway.  Jawsolyn was dressed as a shark and music played while she ran over to the Fella Twins to scare them off.  The wig of the Boy Diva fell off towards the end of the match.  However, the Boy Diva hit a Widow's Peak on Ashley Vox of the Sea Stars for the win.  It was a short match, but it was indeed a fun one.  The promo time given before it started was terrific.

-Thunder Kitty defeated Britt Baker

This was a good match between these two.  i really took a liking to Baker's change of direction when she's running the ropes.  She showed great agility on that.  Another point in the match came when Kitty used the claw hold on Baker.  The end came when Kitty was able to pin Baker with a small package roll-up for the win.

Queens of Combat Championship match

-Su Yung(c) defeated Kennadi Brink to retain her title

These two are as good as it gets and have always put on memorable performances in QOC.  The title was on the line and it raised the stakes and game for both of them.  There was a backdrop performed on the edge of the apron, and Yung used here cool-looking head-scissor into a slingshot on Brink into the turnbuckle in the bout as well.  The end came when Yung sprayed her red mist into the face o Brink in front of the referee and then used a mandible claw to force a submission to retain the title.  Brink was very good in both of her matches while Yung has come so far and has become one of my favorite performers in the business.

Tag Team Tournament Final match

-Taeler Hendrix & Laurel Van Ness defeated the Lucha Sisters aka Outlaw Inc

Almost immediately after the match started, they brawled seemingly forever on the outside of the ring, into the crowd, and also the concession stands area.  Jade cracked me as she asked Brandon Lyles(yeah, that guy again, lol) to borrow his chair, which of course he let her do.  Then when she came over to my area, she asked if she could borrow my composition book that keep my notes in to write these reviews.  Of course I let her, and thankfully it stayed intact or everyone would've known who to blame for not having any detail at all to the matches in this review.  She did thank me for letting her borrow it, so she's off the hook.  I'll bring two composition books when she's around at a show next time.  I kid, Jade.  Okay, back to the match itself.  After all the brawling, the two sides finally got it back in the ring as both teams went back and forth on offense.  It appeared Outlaw Inc was gonna win the tag team titles as Jade hit a package piledriver on Van Ness.  But Taeler broke that pin up.  Taeler then later hit a tombstone piledriver on Jade to get the pin as her and Van Ness became the first ever Queens of Combat tag team champions.  There was lots of brawling during the bout, but it was a dramatic finish that led to the first tag team champions being crowned.


-During intermission of the first show, I met Leva Bates & Jade again.  I always meet Leva when she's at QOC.  They are such a fun team to watch and are genuinely good and entertaining people altogether.  I brought in a few pics I got with them at previous shows that I had printed off via e-prints.  They signed them and they I got a pic with them.  I told them about how great their match was on the first show.  Later on after both shows were over, Leva gave me and my friends I was hanging out with outside the arena high-fives as she was leaving.

-Once again, I had to meet Rachael Ellering again at this show.  I brought in a couple of pics from previous QOC shows and she obviously remembered me because I'm a Cubs fan.  She told me she was just wearing a Cubs shirt the other day and was talking about catching a game at Wrigley Field this year.  She also mentioned a little about growing up in Minnesota, but being a Cubs fan.  She's become one of my favorite people to meet in the business and the Cubs are most definitely a topic of conversation for us.  GO CUBS GO!!

-I met up with Nevaeh at this show and decided to get a pic with her.  We talked about how her little daughter was running around the venue.  I told her she nearly ran into me at the previous QOC show during WrestleCade weekend.  I got a lot of appreciation for those that have children they bring on the road with them and perform at these shows.  And Nevaeh is quite the talent in the ring, too.

-I met Britt Baker for the first time after the shows.  I got an autograph and pic with her.  She was very polite during the brief conversation I had with her, and she personally the autograph with my name on it for me.  I told her after the pic we got that she had two solid matches on that day.

-I got a pic with Su Yung at this show as she still had some of her face paint on.  Between shows, she had it off and that was only the second time I've seen her without.  She's beautiful no doubt.  She asked our group about how we liked the first show while we were eating.  After both shows were over, me along with a group friends wanted to get a pic together.  Su Yung happened to be standing there with us and we asked if she mind being in the pic with us.  So she got in on the pic with us.  One of the pic was taken on my friend Bobby Mitchell's phone.  The next one was taken on my phone in case his didn't come out right.  Anyway, that pic was epic and we all appreciated Su Yung doing that for us.  For me, that was the highlight of the night.

-A group of us got to talk to Savannah Evans after the show.  She really liked how the show unfolded and spoke a lot about her segment with the Sexy Young Caramels and Fella Twins.  We all agreed that when Aerial Monroe picked up that mic and delivered a promo to start that segment, it set the tone for the rest of the evening.  As I've said countless times on my reviews, Savannah used to be a fan we hung out with at shows and has been wrestling for nearly three years now.  She's getting better and better every time I see her perform, and is such a cool lady away from the ring, too.

-As me and a group of friends were hanging around outside, Aerial Monroe came up to us as she was waiting on her ride.  She talked about how her match with Nia Jax in WWE came to be and that it was booked on very short notice.  Further, she talked a little about the difference in culture in the WWE versus on the independent scene as well as about her fiance Cedric Alexander's current run there.  I always like getting an inside track from someone that has worked in WWE, and how it is to be there.  Later, friends were telling her they were ready to go and all of them were using the "b" word so much that us rolling in laughter.  We thought they were going to wake up the rest of the neighborhood with how loud they were.  Not long after this, we all left to go home.  That was a fitting end to the night with how both shows unfolded though.

Queens of Combat once again put on yet two more great shows.  It was definitely more PG material than previous shows, but the crowd was very much into it though.

It was great chatting with all my friends at this show.  We all agreed that this night was one of the best we've ever had.  The interactions, matches, promos, etc.  It was a night to remember.

Thanks to the entire staff and talent for delivering a fun-filled day of wrestling with some of the best female talent around.  It certainly was one of the funnest shows I've ever attended.  I also want to thank Mike Kalasnik for willingly taking pics with his own camera during photo opps for fans and talent.  He went out of his way to do this when he didn't have to, and the pics he did take came out very well.

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