Queens of Combat Invades WrestleCade Results

By davidfunk74
Dec. 04, 2016

The show was the last wrestling event of weekend at the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC.  It was also the final event for WrestleCade and marked the first time QOC was part of their Thanksgiving weekend.  The event did NOT disappoint.  The show was highlighted by a number of appearances from those at Women of Honor, a former TNA Knockouts Champion, and the long-awaited main event for the QOC Championship as Taeler Hendrix defended the title against Su Yung.

Here are the results for that show:

-Samantha Heights defeated Angel Rose

I was telling a few guys before the event started that this match could steal the show, and was hoping it'd kick off the event.  That was because of how they performed in the Fatal Fourway bout with Savannah Evans and Rachael Ellering at the previous QOC event.  Heights was the heel and Rose was the face here in the match.  Rose hit a dive early in the match on Heights, and attempted to do so again -- only to have it countered.  Heights took over from there until Rose got back in the match.  The end came when Heights hit a vicious kick to the back of the head of Rose while she was on her knees to win the match.  A very solid opening bout on the show.

-Deonna Purrazzo & Kelly Klein defeated Miss Diss Lexia & Faye Jackson w/Zane Riley

D'Arcy Dixon wasn't in attendance, so that meant Faye Jackson was replaced by her.  Well, she was on a trial basis for D and D Muscle Factory.  Klein and Purrazzo were on opposite sides in their 8-women tag team match at WrestleCade.  They made for a very good tag team on this show.  Klein and Purrazzo were in control early until D and D took over.  They had Purrazzo in the ring for a long time when they did.  Purrazzo then got the tag to Klein, and the match turned back to their favor.  The end of the match came when Klein hit a suplex into a bridge for the win on Jackson.  After the bout, Miss Diss Lexia and Riley got in the face of Jackson while blaming her for the loss.  Jackson turned on both and attacked them at the end of the bout as Klein and Purrazzo stuck around.  Jackson, Purrazzo, and Klein celebrated after this in the ring.

-Thunder Kitty defeated Roni Nicole

Before the match got started, Thunderkitty got into it with a few fans as Roni Nicole waited on her.  She even got into one with a young fan, and said, "I'll fight an infant!  I don't care!"  Nicole had controlled a large part of this match, but it was Thunderkitty that pulled out a win with roll-up on Nicole with her feet on the ropes.  Nicole was not pleased with this, but most everyone in attendance was pulling for her here.

-Nevaeh defeated Aerial Monroe

If you've ever read any of my previous QOC entries, then you know who I was pulling for her.  Yep, Aerial Monroe because she's a friend of mine in the business.  I like Nevaeh as well with how she interacts with fans either as a heel or face because she can be downright hilarious.  She was the heel here.  My memory has slipped because of posting this a week later after the show as to how the match went down.  However, I do know that Nevaeh won the match with sit down-type finisher off the ropes I believe.  It was a good match they had though.

-Leva Bates & Solo Darling defeated the Sexy Young Carmels(Savannah Evans & Devyn Nicole)

My allegiance was torn on who to pull for in this match because two favorites of mine in the business were on opposite sides:  Leva Bates and Savannah Evans.  I like Solo Darling and Devyn Nicole, too.  This was a fun and entertaining match to watch as Leva came out in Pokemon Go attire.  I noticed one fan had a sign that said "I choose Levachu" on it.  LOL.  There was one point in the match when Savannah had Darling in Boston Crab, and Solo grabbed her drink while in the submission move to get her wired enough to kick out of it.  It was very comedic spot.  Later, Savannah tried to take a drink from Solo's canister, but it didn't happen.  The end of match came when Darling hit a stunner on Savannah to get the win.  Both teams were faces in this match, so they shook hands at the conclusion of it.  Leva got down dancing before and after the match to the Pokemon Go Rap song by MC Lars.  I enjoyed this match and all four were great here.

-Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachael Ellering

Laurel Van Ness is Chelsea Green, a former Tough Enough contestant and eventually moved on TNA take on her current name.  This was the first time I've seen her perform on a live show.  As for Rachael Ellering, I had seen her twice before this match -- including the previous night in a very good match with Tessa Blanchard.  Van Ness got into it with fans throughout the match and also at Ellering, too.  I do recall at one point in the match that a code breaker-type move was countered that looked cool live.  It looked as if Ellering had the match won when she Van Ness on her shoulders delivering what looked like an F-5 type move.  But that was countered into a roll-up by Van Ness and the pulling of the tights on Ellering to get the win.  A very solid showing by both here.

-Kennadi Brink defeated Jade

A very funny moment happened before this match got started.  Brink lost her voice sometime before the show and instructed announcer Corky Franks(one hell of an announcer I might add) to read off a paper with her own introduction.  After this, Jade grabbed the mic and said, "Nobody wants to hear your nasty ass voice anyway!"  This led to a very hilarious "Nasty Ass Voice!" chant.  Only in Indy wrestling would you get chants such as that.  When they finally did get the match underway, one of the early highlights was when each took turns countering sunset flips that went over fairly well with the crowd.  The two went back and forth throughout the rest of the match from there.  The end came when Jade was on the ropes ready to hit a move and Brink slammed her off of them.  Then for the second time in the match, she locked in an anaconda vice submission that led to Jade tapping out.  Another solid match on the card here.

Queens of Combat Championship

-Su Yung defeated Taeler Hendrix(c) to win the Queens of Combat title

This match was booked a couple of months before this show began, and it did not disappoint.  One spot in the match was when the two were on the outside of the ring and Hendrix hit a power bomb on Yung on one of the brick columns in the building.  Another time right where I was at, Hendrix told the crowd to get out of the way and they would not move.  She warned them again, and then threw Yung over the barricade and into the first row of fans that did finally scatter out of the way.  Yung did get back in the match when she hit a flip onto Taeler on the outside of the ring when she was sitting on a chair.  Later, she had her cool-looking head scissor slingshot move countered by Hendrix.  Towards the conclusion of the match, Yung inadvertently hit the referee with her kindo stick that knocked him down to the mat.  But Yung sprayed her red mist into the face of Hendrix and went on to win the match.  Yung became the new QOC champion.  After the match as Yung was celebrating on the outside of the ring where I was at, Hendrix attacked her.  She then threw her in the ring, and left the QOC title laying on top of Yung.  After Hendrix left, Yung acknowledged the fans as they gave her a standing ovation for becoming the new QOC champion.


-Long before the show as I waited out in the lobby talking to friends, I seen Aerial Monroe at one of the tables.  Since we know each other and are friends, I chatted with her for a couple minutes.  She was telling she was tired and she did look it.  She was also telling me about WWE Monday Night Raw the following night as her fiance Cedric Alexander would be returning home.  Because of all that was going on that weekend, I almost forgot about WWE being in Charlotte the following night.  I did couldn't go, but it was great seeing a number of local talent used on the show.  Plus, Cedric and Tessa Blanchard as well, who are from the Charlotte area originally.

-Before the show started, I met up with Jade at her table.  I told her the last time I had seen her was on the Queens of Combat show two years ago, and before that on PWX.  She said she either faced Cheerleader Melissa or Ivelisse as Mia Yim, and said that was awhile ago.  It was Ivelisse I seen her against at PWX back in 2013.  After talking for a couple of minutes, I decided to get a pic with her since it's been awhile.  She's been great each time I've met her and is a great talent in the ring.

-Well, if you read my previous WrestleCade entries, you know I crossed paths with Rachael Ellering a couple of times the day of Fanfest as well as at the Marriott hotel later.  I find out she was a Cubs fan, and upon seeing me at this show at her table, she jokingly said, "Where's your Cubs shirt?'  I had my "Try Not To Suck" shirt(and I wear that shirt to shows A LOT) on that Cubs manager Joe Maddon wore and sold very well when they came out in the spring.  She knew that was a Cubs shirt.  Anyway, we talked about the Cubs again and how they had so much pressure to finally win it all this year.  And they did.  So I got another pic and autograph from her at this show as she signed "Go Cubs Go" on it.  Before taking the pic, I thought I had set the flash on my iPhone because where we were at was not a well-lit area.  So after trying the first time, I noticed I actually didn't have it on.  I didn't know she had an iPhone herself, so she checked to see if I had it on and I didn't.  So after she helped with that, we got the pic done.  After her match, I told her she did great again and that wrestling Laurel Van Ness was fun for her.  She talked about how all the QOC women always step it up in the ring.  Of course, we talked more about the Cubs, and told her I mentioned to Lisa Marie Varon(a diehard Cubs fan herself) that Rachael also liked them.  She told me the story of when she was on her way to meet Lisa towards the end of Fanfest, but she left just before she could say hi.  We also talked about whether she bought any Cubs World Series gear or not and she has as well as about the hotel troubles with her room keys.  She's great with fans and it was nice she remembered me at this show, too.

-I met Kennadi Brink once again at Queens of Combat after getting a pic with her and Kelly Klein together at Fanfest.  I noticed right away she lost her voice and I'm not sure why, not did I ask.  Nonetheless, I did tell her I met her the day before at Fanfest and told her about the photo op there.  So I was gonna get one of her and I at this show, and I did.  Even though she couldn't talk, she was nice just like at Fanfest the day before.  It's funny that her lack of voice was used as part of her match with Jade later that night.  Kennadi Brink is awesome to meet as well.

-After seeing one fan getting pics with Deonna Purrazzo and Laurel Van Ness, I wanted to do the same.  They both were side by side at the tables where the talent were at.  They both were more than willing to do that for me just like the fan before me.  This was at intermission when I met them.  Both were nice people.  What's funny is that Van Ness was the nice at the table, but when she wrestled against Rachael Ellering, she antagonized fans so much.  I always get a kick out of that when you meet talent at a table and they're nice, and then see them go full-blown heel-like on fans minutes later.  Both Purrazzo and Van Ness are doing very well for themselves.

-There's absolutely no way I go to any show that Leva Bates is on, and not meet her.  She's one of my favorite people in the business.  When I approached her at this show, I talked with her about that "Where's Waldo?" gimmick she pulled off the last time I seen her at a QOC show earlier this year in Gibsonville, NC.  She pulled that one off so well, and looked great doing it.  After we talked about that, I wanted to get another pic with her.  So we did that.  This was the shortest conversation we had yet, but she also had a good line of people at this show after it was done.  She's pulled off every cosplay character I've seen at a show so well because she's THAT good at it.  A tremendous talent in and away from the ring.

-As I traditionally do when a new major champion is crowned, I get a pic with them.  In this case, it was Su Yung.  I've seen her at a few shows and she's absolutely killed it and stole the show at the QOC events in particular.  She still had most of her face paint intact and red mist all over her.  So I got the pic with her, and she told me to print it off and that she would sign it next time.  She also told me and others around her to please come back to the shows.  Oh, and the facial expressions she has on pics are the best.  She was biting the belt as I took the pic with her.  She has really come along way -- even in QOC as she's now the new QOC champion.  What a talent and kind lady she is!

-After the show, a number of fans waited on Taeler Hendrix to come out to meet fans.  We weren't sure she was coming back out or not, but she later told us she was convinced to when she found out fans were wanting to meet her.  As she made her way to her table, fans clapped for her and so did some of the remaining talent.  She said she was about to cry and she nearly did.  She thanked fans for that as she was still covered a lot in red mist.  She talked about her wrestling tees and someone brought up how she held the belt for almost exactly a year.  She actually became the first QOC champion on my birthday the year before, and I mentioned that to her as well.  So I decided to get a pic of her holding the QOC title and a pic with her.  Now the pic she took with me was funny because she had mist all over her.  She had her hands up and a crazed look on her face.  She's always put on good matches when I've seen her and this show was no exception despite her not being champion.  I also appreciate how polite and engaging she is with fans.

-I got a great appreciation for Nevaeh and her bringing her one-year old daughter Johnnie to the show while being on the road.  After looking it up later, I found out she turned one just four days before the show.  I know at one point Johnnie was looking at me for a good while.  I've seen people like Aerial Monroe in the past bringing her young daughter to shows.  Major props to Nevaeh, and any of them that do this while balancing taking care of their kids and wrestling.

The Queens of Combat show concluded the most fun weekend I've had as a wrestling fan.  It was a great show that featured the first title change in the promotion's history after the first champion held it just short of a year.  The show was well booked with talent and they delivered in the ring.

Thanks to the entire Queens of Combat staff and management for the work they did on this show.  Also thanks to the talent for the hard work and delivering another very stellar show.  The promotion has progressed very well in the short time they've been around, and have improved dramatically in all facets of the business.  Check them out on their website at for the next show.

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