NFL - From an Australians Perspective

By Nick Scott
Apr. 07, 2017

Many times at school, I sit around and find myself dreaming of one day hiring a Caravan, and making a trek around the United States, attempting to attend a game at every stadium all 32 stadiums in the one season, culminating in a the Super Bowl. Now, with me finishing High School at the end of 2018. I look towards the 2020 season, where the season concludes in Miami. I haven't yet thought of the logistics, (The cost) as i know how expensive that it would be, but surely a boy can dream cant he!!

This is already something that me, and a couple of my closer friends have spent hours and hour thinking about. Because you see, here in Australia, there is a few specific groups when it comes to the NFL.There is that group that have never heard of this foreign concept called American Football. There is those who would know what is is but have no interest as it is played on the other side of the world, in the worst possible timezone for we Australians to watch. Then there is the group who think they know gridiron, and pop up around Super Bowl time attempting to spread there knowledge with everyone. Then there is a few who have already fell in love with the game, and follow it for 365 days of the year.

In December of 2016 I was lucky enough to go to Boston and New York, and watch 3 games live. Me and and my Dad went to Patriots, Giants, and Jets games and it was one of the greatest things i have witnessed in my life. The Patriots game is one the is marked in my mind vividly though. It was a cold Monday Night, and me and my father caught the train down to Foxborough from Boston to go and watch the Patriots play the Ravens. The train took roughly an hour, with nearly every person on board kitted out in some sort of patriots apparel. This was very different to Australia, where most people wear neutral clothes to a game, and it was only the die hard fans who would don a jersey.

The Atmosphere at the game was electric, especially when the game began with a safety right in front of us. The whole crowd was so loud and excited, it was hard to even hear yourself think! One thing I did notice though was that the entire crowd stood the entire game! Although this was different in New York, it was something that i most certainly was not expecting. You pay to have a seat at the stadium but nobody uses them!

The game ended at 23-30, after Chris Hogans massive reception of 70+ yards! On our way back to the hotel, via the second leg of the Patriots train, it was almost as exciting as the game, with people singing and chanting for nearly the whole hour, it was definitely something i had never experienced before and something that i would love to go back and do again. To have been witnessed a Patriots game live, the year they won the Super Bowl in such astonishing fashion is certainly something that will forever be instilled in my mind. I have lost count of the amount of times I've watched the last quarter of Super Bowl LI, as i still find it mind blowing that Tom Brady could do what he did in such a spectacular manner. The only downer about NFL in Australia is that the Superbowl actually begins at 9:30am, meaning that I am at school, and my parents wouldn't let me take a sick day!

I love the sport of American Football, and is something that i wish to go back and witness. It is my first true love and something that i can always rely on.