Lock of the Day

By tmfournier
Oct. 26, 2016

Based God, Based God, Based God, Based God.

Welcome back to the lead pipe lock of the day. For those of you that trusted me on my introduction, I say your welcome.  Todays lock is Oklahoma City Thunder -8.5 against the Philadelphia 76ers.  The based curse has been lifted from the Oklahoma City Thunder with the departure of Kevin Durant.  Kevin Durant was running around mocking the based god and it more likely than not, cost the Thunder a championship.  They finally have a fresh start and Russell Westbrook is looking to put the past behind him.

I would also like to welcome the genius behind the "Lavery Ledger."  Mr. Lavery is a dear friend and, like myself, is an absolute savant when it comes to sports and life.  We will be collaborating together in this blog to provide you with the greatest advice that you will ever find.




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