Is PG13 and Lonzo worth it for the Lakers?

By Matthew Blaszies
Jun. 21, 2017

We all know of Lonzo Ball and his brothers but do we know just how well Ball can ball? Obviously the answer is yes and no. Yes; because without him UCLA would not have had a successful season without him but playing in college and playing in the NBA are two totally different things. Playing in college is more like playing 2K with your friend who has never played the game before and you just DOMINATE. Playing in the NBA is more like playing 2K online where the real competition comes in and all the dope three-pointers, dunks and alley-oops you hit on your buddy completely disappear and you are left standing there with your pants down and everyone pointing and laughing at how small your three-point percentage is. Not only is the NBA an entirely different entity, Lonzo shoots from his left hip which for him is effective but if he rolls around to the right side of the basket he can't get a decent enough placement of his foot or hip that his shot will go in. Being that as it may you can only have a defender covering one side of you at a time so maybe Ball can break this left hip shooting groove. But if he has to switch up his stance and change his feet so he can get a decent shot off he better hope that the guy defending him is slow to react and doesn't have a big wingspan because he will strip Ball's ball. That last thing the Lakers need is a dynamic shooter and turnover machine that's gonna lose them games. (But they can do that all on their own)

Now onto PG13. Where to start? I guess you could start by making the argument that if he made the statement he wanted to try his hand at free agency maybe that suggests that he isn't as much of a team player as you think. However him wanting to go to the Lakers begs the question, is he chasing the dollar signs or does he legitimately want to make this team great and want to win games? Obviously we won't know until it happens but Paul George is definitely an all star veteran and can only help a young team like the Lakers. However the Lakers also need to be able to help themselves as well in the event that PG gets hurt or when he gets rested because let's face it; he will help you win more games but one person isn't going to make the difference between playoffs and finals. Although let's be real here, the Finals will probably be Golden State and Cleveland for a couple more years unless King James leaves.

The final take: Lonzo to the Lakers good long term idea but he's gonna need a lot of work and being on a young team I don't think he will be able to maximize his skills and develop the way he would want to. Paul George to the Lakers isn't a bad idea if they are able to establish themselves as a team that can win and get consistent results. If they can't market that to him then maybe we would see PG13 to Boston, Phoenix, Chicago or perhaps even Toronto.

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