Coutinhos likes to play with Neymar: I just follow the ball, he performs

By EndritShahini
Mar. 26, 2017


The star of Brazil's Philippe Coutinho, praised superstar Neymar and his qualities as he says he enjoys playing with.

The media in Spain have speculated during the day on Saturday for the opening of negotiations and progress on the transfer of Liverpool midfielder to Barcelona.

It is thought that he wants to join Neymar and this does not hide his Coutinho in a recent interview.

"Look, Neymar is a great player and we see this".

"He is a player who puts a lot of matches, a player who is fundamental for our national team."

"We have been together for a long period since the academy and play alongside him is easy, because it can easily change the game."

"We just follow him the ball and he does a good job," said Coutinho.

Brazil has won eight consecutive games with new coach Tite, but recently broke the Selecao between Uruguay Montevideo 4-1, where Neymar shone.

Of course, it is good to see that everyone is with us. " "Of course that all follow the work of Titës, he is doing a good job. It makes us have more confidence. " "As you have seen in the stadium, there were many positive energy. So it's really good for us, "concludes Coutinho