Recall the time when Messi handed Neymar a penalty despite being able to complete the trick and was in close race with CR7

By EndritShahini
Sep. 18, 2017

Paris Saint Germain won the derby with Lyon 2-0, but more than the victory from this game continues to comment Neymar and Edison Cavan's 'incidents'.

The Uruguayan striker refused to give the Brazilian a penalty despite the latter's request.

Also the pair had another debate on a free-kick, but here Dani Alaves intervened, who took the ball to Cavan and gave it to Neymar.

Of all this, we best remember the penalty for Cordoba in the 2014/15 season, when Lionel Messi handed it over to Neymar.

The Argentine was in close race with Cristiano Ronaldo who would be the best scorer in La Liga and at this meeting Messi with this penalty was able to complete the trick but finally decided to give it to Neymar.

All this only after the former Santos star was passing a bad day.

One is one of many other things, like that of Roma in the Champions League, but also like Villarreal (Copa del Rey 2014/2015), Valencia (Copa del Rey 2015/2016), Manchester City (LK 2016/2017) Real Sociedad (Copa del Rey 2016/2017), PSG (LK 2016/2017), Athletic Bilbao (Copa del Rey 2016/2017).

Neymar may have everything in PSG, but not the love and respect of a co-ordinator as Messi had for him.