MLB Notes and Rumors; Rangers To Acquire Jonathan Lucroy?, Red Sox and The Pitching Market, Dodgers Needs, Rich Hill Speculation, Twins Shopping Players

By Jacob Carmendy
Jul. 14, 2016

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

​-The Rangers are still potentially after Jonathan Lucroy and it will be interesting to see if they acquire him at the trade deadline. Milwaukee has been scouting their farm system. 

-The Red Sox without a doubt are going hard in trying to find a starting pitcher at the trade deadline and Rich Hill seems to be the most likely player that they can acquire. 

-The Dodgers will most likely target starting pitching and infielders at the deadline. 

-With tons of teams lining up for Rich Hill, the Oakland A's could possibly get more than people think for him. The Red Sox and Dodgers remain the favorites for him. 

-The Twins will shop players at the trade deadline but it's not known how much they will sell off. Eduardo Nunez and Trevor Plouffe remain the most likely candidates to be traded.

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