5 Things We Learned From the Royal Rumble

By BestofWWE
Jan. 30, 2017

There was a lot of hype this year regarding the Royal Rumble with all of the big names entered in the match. Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and the Undertaker headlined all of the posters for the 2017 Royal Rumble match. Although there were many highs and lows to the event, it is safe to say that it was one to remember.

First Thing We Learned: Randy Orton will be in the main event of Wrestlemania

Randy Orton was listed as the betting favorite to win the match during the week leading up the Royal Rumble. Even if that was the case, not many people believed he would go through the monsters like Goldberg and Lesnar to get there. Especially since he wasn’t carrying that much momentum heading into the match. He recently dropped the tag team titles with Bray Wyatt to the American Alpha (who were completely absent during the entire PPV) and in the go home show before the rumble defeated Luke Harper in a singles match. The backstage word is that Vince McMahon rewarded Randy from the beating he took from Lesnar at Summerslam and how well he fit into his role with the Wyatt family with the greatest prize in the industry, main eventing Wrestlemania.

The next logical question is: Where do they go from here? What jumps out at most people is Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Championship from John Cena in the near future and having Orton vs. Bray in the main event of Wrestlemania, whom is long overdue for a main event push. If not that, then people may be forced to sit through Cena vs. Orton in singles action for the first time at Wrestlemania.

Second Thing We Learned: Roman Reigns will be facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns lost his WWE Universal Championship match to Kevin Owens after an interference from Braun Strowman. After yet another tough loss, Reigns found himself as the last entry in the Royal Rumble Match. He eliminated the Undertaker causing people to believe that is the direction WWE is heading towards Wrestlemania season. The only thing that is standing in his way is the mountain of a man Braun Strowman.

It is likely that the two of them will face off at Fastlane at the end of February and the winner goes on to face the Undertaker at Mania. With how things have gone lately, expect Reigns to win the match and once again fail to get over with the WWE Universe.

Third Thing We Learned: No Surprises entries during the Royal Rumble Match

Leading up to the Tumble, there were 22 spots taken by superstars on the current rosters for Raw and Smackdown Live leaving room for 8 unexpected members to enter the match. Instead of seeing guys make their debut like Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura, the fans are given James Ellsworth and Enzo Amore for comic relief. What doesn’t make sense is that Samoa Joe has done everything he could possibly do on the NXT scene, but he doesn't deserve a Royal Rumble spot because Enzo Amore deserves to be thrown out of the ring by Brock Lesnar in fifteen seconds.

The biggest surprise of the Rumble match was when Undertaker entered at number 29, no one had a clue who would be the last man to enter the rumble at number 30. Unfortunately for most people, that number 30 was none other then Roman Reigns. People seemed ready to riot after seeing him as the last man to enter. There had to be a better way to set up Reigns and the Undertaker than the way it unfolded in the ring. If they keep shoving Reigns down the fans throats, they’ll lose interest like they did during the Cena era of WWE. Instead, they should have given the spot to someone the fans are behind and can end the night with a satisfied taste in their mouth.

Final Thing We Learned: Charlotte and Bayley’s feud will culminate at Wrestlemania

Charlotte and Bayley put out a great performance to kick off the Royal Rumble. Bayley even showed a few new moves we haven’t seen to prove she can hang with main event talent. Although in the end, Charlotte proved why she owns the Women’s division on Raw when she executed a Natural Selection to pick up the pin fall on Bayley. Since WWE has not invested any time in giving TV time to any other women wrestlers on Raw it is likely that this Bayley and Charlotte Feud will continue into Fastlane and end at Wrestlemania with Bayley finally ending Charlotte’s PPV singles streak at 16-1.

The only other way I could see Wrestlemania shaking out is if Raw has all four of their main women superstars compete in a fatal four way for the belt so Charlotte’s streak can continue.

Overall, I would give the Royal Rumble a 7.5/10 because even though it was highly entertaining throughout, it did a poor job of telling stories throughout the actual rumble match.


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