Wrestlemania XXXIII Plan to Get Roman Reigns Over with the WWE Universe

By BestofWWE
Jan. 23, 2017

It is no secret how highly Vince McMahon and others backstage view Roman Reigns. After main eventing the past two Wrestlemanias, it is safe to say that they see him as the top face in the company. Since the early 2000’s, that spot has been occupied by the fifteen time champion John Cena.

Superstars like Cena are once in a generation type wrestlers who aren’t easily replaced. However, if it is going to be done, the guy replacing him must have three major qualities. He must have great in-ring skill, ability to cut a promo on the mic, and be over with the WWE universe. As of today, Reigns is lacking in all three of those qualities.

Roman Reigns has been in countless main events over the past few years. During these matches, however, he isn’t getting over with the majority of fans. His matches can often be predicted move for move up until he delivers his winning spear. He normally falls behind early and looks weak until he hits the following moves normally in this order: Drive-by, Samoan Drop, Superman Punch, and Spear. When the crowd can predict your match move for move, you should realize it might be time for an upgrade in your characters moves. Guys like Cena and AJ Styles have dozens of moves in their repertoire to keep fans happy and deliver five star matches.

Cutting a promo with Reigns has always been difficult no matter who his opponent may be. The top face of the company should not have to be spoon fed his lines. He should instead have the freedom to talk freely like Cena, Miz, and Jericho do. How we often see it now is that his opponent will do a majority of the talking and Reigns will spit out a few sentences saying how he’s “The Guy” or “Believe That” and that will make the PPV promos. If the writers would give him more freedom to speak, he could then do trial and error to see what works with the fans instead of giving them the usual 3-4 catchphrases he has been using for the last three years.

The way Roman Reigns is booked now, he is the second coming of John Cena and the older fans are tired of seeing the same thing for the last fifteen years. They have tried putting him over some great heels such as Triple H, Sheamus, and AJ Styles over the past year. Even tag teaming him with former shield member Seth Rollins isn’t enough to win him back over with the fans. The WWE universe has been begging for a heel turn from reigns for quite some time, but now is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Seth Rollins has recently pulled off a face-turn in order to build up a program with Triple H leading into Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose has just won the Intercontinental Championship from the monster heel that Miz has been lately. That leaves all three former member shields as faces on their respected brands. With Rollins and Ambrose both over as faces, it seems as though it could be an easy transition for Roman to turn heel this Wrestlemania season and this is how it can be done.

Roman Reigns will finally defeat Kevin Owens for the Universal Title this Sunday at the Royal Rumble and once again be the top guy on Raw since the brand split. Once his feud with Owens is over, he will need someone to face heading into Wrestlemania. John Cena also has a title match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. If he can finally get over the hump that is AJ Styles, he will become the sixteen time world champion heading into Wrestlemania. If the WWE wants Reigns to get over as the top guy, he has to go right through Cena. Since they are on different brands, we would finally be able to spark up some rivalry within Raw and Smackdown Live which it has been lacking since Survivor Series. Some may argue that it would just be a “passing the torch” type of match, but this is where they turn Reigns heel.

Other than Reigns, no other superstar gets booed as much as Cena. So if he retains the World Title at the Elimination Chamber, how would the fans react if during his celebration, Reigns runs out and hits him with a spear? The fans love to see Cena defeated at the feet of his opponents and that would leave them with no other option then to cheer for Reigns. Cena has been elevating other superstars talent for years and a feud with Reigns can finally give him a chance to prove himself not only mic, but also in the ring with one of the greats. As Ric Flair has said time and time again, “To be the man, you got to beat the man.”