I Apologize For Not Trusting in McElwain and Nussmeier

By FootballSportsTalk
Dec. 05, 2016

Yes, every college football fan, analyst, reporter, and maybe babies, knows that Florida's offense has been sputtering since Tebow left. Florida went through multiple coaching changes, a myriad of quarterbacks, and injuries also played a major factor. But despite the 7-year nightmare, McElwain led the Gators to back-to-back SEC title games. Gator fans, writers, and including myself have been longing for a quarterback that does not crack under pressure from the opposing defensive linemen, extends the plays, and makes good decisions. A couple of quarterbacks could have been the answer, but both transferred to different schools and the names of those quarterbacks are: Jacoby Brissett and Will Grier.  Jacoby Brissett did not have the prettiest stats at Florida. But I believe he could have been great if he were given the chance and , Florida was dealing with a slew of injuries. Will Grier would have been the starter this year, if he did not get caught with PED in his system last year. Luke Del Rio showed promise earlier in the season, but was dealing with injuries and played a horrible game against Arkansas. Austin Appleby could have been great, but he is to finicky when he passes deep and kept staring down one receiver in the SEC Championship game. I believe that Florida's offense will be great next year, with the return of Dre Massey, CJ Worton, Antonio Callaway, and Tyrie Cleveland. Hopefully, F. Franks or Kyle Trask will be starters next year and if not, lets hope that former Baylor quarterback, Jarrett Stidham, would be with the Gators by then to lead us to success. Yes, McElwain has had made some questionable coaching decisions this season that left a lot of Gator Nation scratching our heads in most of our games. But, I will take back to back SEC title games any day! Finally, I am 100 percent behind McElwain and Nussmeier. The rest of GatorNation should be too.