Super Bowl 52 Patriots Rant

By Cam
Feb. 06, 2018

The Eagles outplayed the Patriots in Super Bowl 52. I’m just coming out and saying that major fact before I start the rant. The Pats got too cocky and made mistakes that they never make. I’m not mad that the Patriots lost because, in all honesty, our defense played like they couldn’t beat the Browns. Our defense could not stop the receivers from catching the ball, and one of the few times we actually did Alshon Jeffery made an outstanding Randy Moss type catch for a touchdown. Our defense was atrocious and I cant say that enough. It starts with not playing one of our best defensive players in the biggest game of the year. I don’t know what the coach’s decision was, but we deserve to know the reason. It could’ve cost us that game. Thankfully the offense showed up, but unfortunately would’ve had to play a perfect game in order to win a shootout. Brady had 500 yards, which is incredible for a 40 year old in the Super Bowl. He will be back next year, maybe with a small drop off from the usual wear and tear that comes with aging. For the offense, we looked damn good during the game and it came down to one mistake that was inevitable to happen whether it was that fumble or it was a turnover on downs. For the defense, we need to step it up. We looked pitiful and that’s what really lost us the game. This offseason is going to be a rough one for us with the fact that we are going to lose our offensive and defensive coordinator, possibly Malcolm Butler (has every reason to not stay, but that’s for another time), and Gronk is reportedly contemplating retirement. The Eagles deserved that win since they definitely outplayed us, but if the defense showed up for the Pats it would’ve been a different game.

Congrats Philly you deserved this one

-A semi depressed Patriots fan

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