Gameday Advantage

By Bsampson
Feb. 01, 2017

The Milwaukee Bucks (21-26, 8-14 Away) travel to Salt Lake City to play the Utah Jazz (30-19, 17-9 Home) for their first matchup of the season. The Jazz took home the two games they played last year. Both teams are in a slump as the Jazz have lost three out of their last four and the Bucks have lost eight of their last nine.   Below, I will break down each starting position, as well as the bench, and which team will come away with the advantage.  I will also give my extremely unprofessional prediction of tonight’s score.

Point Guard

George Hill is having one of the greatest years of his career. He is averaging a career high 17.6 points per game and is shooting some of the best ball of his career. He leads the team in assists per game at 4.1 and while that may seem pretty low for a starting point guard he has always been one who excels at playing off the ball.  His defensive tenacity has fit right in with what the Jazz want to do on that end of the floor as he is able to guard both the 1 and the 2.

Delle is back in the starting lineup for the Bucks and has been somewhat of a spark. He has shot above 50 percent from the three point line each of the last five games, while he has been somewhat turnover prone.  He has also struggled to defend, given that he has played against two of the best point guards in the East the last two games.

Advantage- Utah.  George Hill is having a great season and has been very efficient with his play this year.  Given his offensive advantage over Delle combined with his defensive ability it gives Utah a good advantage at this position.

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