Change of Heart

By CharlieVillanueva
Aug. 05, 2015

Que pasa mi gente? Hope everyone is doing great! Okay, so this Summer has been really crazy, my dearest apologies for not posting more frequent. The whole goal of launching this blog, which launched about a year ago, was so I can be a consistent blogger, give the fans an inside look at what I do or and what goes on in the NBA league, and more importantly interact with you...the fans. I pretty much took the month of July off to get a whole lot of things in order. Again, my bad…

So this Summer, obviously, is way different than it was last Summer. Last Summer, as my agent put it, "I was fighting for my life." This Summer, I resigned with a team I love. An organization I much appreciate and value. A coach who is hard on me for the right reason, which I also love. And to be completely honest, both Mark (Cuban) and Donnie (Nelson) have been upfront with me, straight up type of guys…straight about everything including my flaws. It's a good situation for me and I am happy to be back in the City of Dallas.

Lets talk about "change of heart" already know where I'm going with this. I wanted to let the whole "DeAndre Jordan Drama" die down before I commented on it - even though I did tweet this out during that Emoji War lol (pure comedy):


— Charlie Villanueva (@CVBelieve)

On one side, this obviously put our team and the organization in a REALLY bad spot. There was a lot the strategy the team did revolved around getting a player like DeAndre behind us. It helped us in so many ways while also weakening one of our Western competitors, the Clips. One the other hand, everyone has a right to change their mind. And you have to respect that. He never actually signed anything so he reserves that right to change his mind. Even though some may argue, your word is as good as ink, but again, it's his choice. Now, how he did it that I don't agree with. That's a whole different conversation. There was definitely a more mature, more professional way of handling the situation. I'm sure he knows that by now and can use that whole thing as a learning experience. Hopefully, he learned from his mistake…isn't that what life is about anyway? Learning from your mistakes.

I went through something quite similar myself. When I was deciding to go pro from high school and then again when I was deciding what college I would play for. I am not sure how many people know this but when I was still in High School at Blair Academy Prep, guys could still make that jump from high school straight to the NBA and skip the college level. I had thought about it for a long time. You have to realize this...all I ever wanted was to be an NBA player. That's it! So if I had the slightest opportunity to be in the NBA, I wanted in. And on top of that, my family needed the financial assistance bad. We were struggling. I went through the whole process, entered my name in the 2003 NBA Draft, did a couple of workouts, but it didn't feel right. I decided I wasn't quite ready so then I was deciding on what school to attend. I originally "verbally" committed to the University of Illinois because of Bill Self and the team they had at the time (great group of guys). I felt really comfortable there. But when Coach Self left for Kansas, after I had already committed, I no longer wanted to go to Illinois. I really didn't know what to do next. I was felt obligated because I gave them my word but now the terms were different and I just had a change of heart. Even my now new teammate, Deron Williams, was not a happy camper at the time. I had to hear it from him too. I then visited Kansas, but was totally turned off by the tornadoes freaked me out! So somehow, by the grace of God, I ended up at UCONN in the hands of the Hall of Fame Coach Calhoun. I was concerned at the time, whether or not I was making the right decision, but I can say it worked pretty well ;) I always say everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, if I reserved the right to have a change of heart, so does DeAndre. And I am real glad it worked out that way for me (we won the NCAA National title in 2004 baby!) and my life would have been totally different if I went to Illinois or even Kansas for that matter. Who knows what could have happened. God works in mysterious ways and some times we have to follow our heart. But don't get me wrong though, you can still boo him when he plays us at the American Airlines Center lol. Not gonna lie, I do wish DeAndre the best of luck. I can't wait till we play the Clippers at our place…o boy! More emoji wars?

Definitely more to come from your boy CV this Summer. Will be more connected.

Always follow your heart,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie