I Don't Like Surprises [ VIDEO ]

By CharlieVillanueva
Apr. 17, 2015

I don't like surprise but I like giving them :) I'll make this post really brief since I want you to watch this video (below)...

This moment in my life was really special. I was able to touch yet another human life affected by the skin condition Alopecia Areata. Something I always say and I constantly repeat to those is in my alopecia family: YOU HAVE ALOPECIA, ALOPECIA DOESN'T HAVE YOU! That's real. Remember you're in control of your life. Don't allow how you look determine your happiness. Today's society can be cruel, but remember you are a beautiful creation of God. We are all unique and special in our own way. Find your purposes. Keep your head up and stand proud.

Watch this video...my buddy Braden has no clue lol:

Braden has new confidence :) I believe in you!

Speaking of surprises...I'm so glad the wait is over. The NBA Playoffs brackets are out and we're playing the Houston Rockets for the first round. It's on baby! I'm crazy hype. The 10 year drought is over. Let's GOOO!

We Are One,

Charlie Villanueva #believeindallas