My Homeland (Part 2)

By CharlieVillanueva
Sep. 29, 2015

Luis Montero, Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Francisco Garcia, Charlie Villanueva, Felipe Lopez and Tito Horford

Que pasa mi gente...

I feel like as much as I want to sit down in front of my computer and start writing more often for ya, I am always find a way to disappear, so my bad. It has been a crazy Summer. In a good way. Since I got back from the Dominican Republic last month, I have been working on a special project…the biopic of my life called "Season X" () - my story and other stories about Alopecia Areata. My next post is going to be all about the project so definitely check out the site above and I promise I will give full info about the movie, how it came about, the back story, everything in my next post.

In the meantime, as promised, I was going to write a second piece about my trip to the Dominican Republic with the NBA, which has been long overdue, so leggooooooo….

Originally, back in January, I met with the NBA Basketball Ops International executives, Kim Bohuny and Brooks Meek, in Miami as a matter of fact, to discuss their plans to have their first ever "Basketball without Borders" (BWB) program in the Dominican Republic. I was crazy excited about this. I've been wanting this to happen for years now. I wanted to be a part of it because this is the first time they were doing the program in the DR and I truly feel like the country can benefit from it and the sport is growing out there in many ways. We're not just about baseball anymore lol.  So I committed in January and trust me it was an awesome decision and a great honor. Thank you NBA :)

This program is first class. I am not much of "a coach" but I got into coaching the kids. I felt involved. I felt a part of something. I, also, got a chance to spend some time with some of my Dominican hermanos - Al Horford, Francisco Garcia, Felipe Lopez, and the new young buck Luis Montero (be on the lookout for this rookie, rising star). It's crazy to see the different generations all together and to share the progress we've all is something that is dearly valued.  Also, wanna give a big shout out to Tito Horford, Al's father. He was the OG...the first Dominican born player in NBA history to get drafted.  This trip was historical I must say...first time ever we were ALL together as one.

Check out the pics from the trip (41 total pics): 

Shouts to my uncle Nelson Guillen, you'll see him in the pictures and video, he's running for mayor out in the city of San Cristóbal. And it's crazy...cause the day before the BWB camp, he wanted me to come visit a local basketball court...I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. Apparently, it was a basketball court inauguration event, but I had no clue. You actually can hear me say in the recap video below...I'm like "I don't know what's going on" lol. It was pretty crazy but I was felt truly blessed, the people showed so much love. You gotta watch the video...

Check out the BWB video recap (9 minutes):

Also, wanna shed some light on the fact that from September 15th to October 15th it is 'National Hispanic Heritage Month'. Most people know this, but for those that don't, my parents are Dominican (hence why I was so hype about being a part of the DR NBA program). Yo soy Latino! Yo soy Dominicano!Y yo represento a mi pais!!! I'm really prideful of that and I always try to acknowledge or celebrate the cultures and histories of Americans whose ancestors are from Spain, Mexico or other Latin American/Caribbean countries. I often get asked why does the Hispanic Heritage Month start in the middle of the month and honestly I didn't know until I looked it up…LOL. Here is what I read,

"The day of September 15 is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua."

So there you go…this post is in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Anyways, training camp is around the corner, literally. I owe you guys a good next post about the "Season X" project, which I'm working closely with my brothers on. I promise to not stray too far from this blog anymore. I think I stay making that promise on every post lol...I'm trying here ;) Hope you enjoy the pics and video clip. And thank you guys for the continuing support.

Que viva La Republica,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie #creoencharlie

PS. As we're approaching the end of September, I'd like to also point out, it's also Alopecia Awareness Month (busy month)...shouts to the NAAF group (). I'm going to get more into this as well in my next post. Stay connected.