Its All About Inertia

By Corey Crewe
Jan. 18, 2017

For me the New Year is not about declaring an over-zealous resolution. While I have two that will seem to be near impossible, my challenge each year revolves around inertia.

Physics Refresher

Inertia is Newton’s First Law of Motion which states that an object at rest will stay at rest while an object in motion will tend to stay in motion unless either is acted upon by another force. I did not need to look this up because of the outstanding job my high school physics teacher, the great Harvey Osmond, did way back in 1989.

(Harvey pictured left with wife Shirley. Credit Jim Osmond)

Goal #1

To Write More.

Simple enough. I like writing. Writing is fun. Write more is good. I have not been as dedicated to this blog as I would have liked to be. I would like to get back to posting one article a week.

Goal #2

The Last Stretch for an Ab

I am going to try one more time to get into fantastic shape. I will be running a half in October but I would like to return as close as possible to high school form. Then, to quote my younger but wiser brother, “Once there, I want to stay at that weight for the rest of my life.” Needless to say, it is not this quote this made him wise.

To achieve both, I will have to overcome the temptation of inertia. It is easier to not write and it is easier to eat as I presently do while exercising the same amount. A force must be applied to my habits to change them. I do not need one big push in January, instead I need to apply a consistent force for the entire year and hope it points me in the proper direction. Thus, the reason for this small blog to get the ball rolling.

I do not believe Mr. Osmond and Isaac Newton would not lead me astray.