My Fantasy: To Prove Mr. Russell is the G.O.A.T.

By Corey Crewe
Sep. 03, 2017

Since this is a sports blog, I probably should not get into my real fantasy, however it would probably involve Jennifer Aniston, Serena Williams and Emma Stone. The rest of the details I will save for another time.

Despite my incredible intelligence and modesty, I have yet to develop a time machine and a way to fairly measure Bill Russell and Michael Jordan. Of course, Michael has found a good measure but all of his minions refuse to use that one.

By his logic 11 beats six but no one sees this as a fair comparison.

So here is my offer, lets play for it. I have created a fantasy basketball league on ESPN.

You might have to cut and paste the link.

Password: billisbest

It is open to 20 players. If it fills up, I will be a finalist. If it has 12 teams or less, I guarantee I will win.

If I fail to do either, I will write a blog proclaiming MJ to be the greatest of all time, even better than Mr. Russell. There will be no tricks or traps, I will find ways to prove your point.

I also consider the league a great topic for discussion throughout the year. It will be a fun way to make the winter cold pass.

Unfortunately for you, like Mr. Russell, I won’t lose.