Week 1 Readings

By cwdick
Sep. 22, 2016

For tuesday there were four readings, the first being "Sports for Art's Sake" by Heywood Broun. This was a classic David vs. Goliath tale that had a strong sense of community in it. The story is all about the fans rooting for the underdog, which is something we see in sports all the time. One recent example of a stroy similar to this was in the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament when Florida Gulf Coast was making their improbable run.

The second reading we had for tuesday was the McKinley reading. This piece was all about how people really attach themselves to sports and sports teams, even to the point where it becomes an escape from their own lives. I can personally relate to this reading, since whenever I describe a Vikings or Timberwolves game, I always say how "we" did, even though I am not technically a member of the team.

The third reading we did was the Taibi one. Taibi's piece had a very humorous tone to it, and he gave a very cynical viewpoint of sports. He talks about how funny it is to continue watching sports when they let you down, but how no matter what people always come back. Again I can relate to this as a Vikings and Timberwolves fan (and also from watching Chicago sports fans) seeing as my teams constantly let me down, but I always end up tuning in to see how they do the following game/week.

The final reading for tuesday was the Serazio reading. This one was comparing sports to religions, and how there is this feeling of "community" when fans of the same team wear the team's logo/color etc. This is something you can see when you go to a bar that is specifically for one set of fans. I live by a Cleveland bar, and during the NBA Finals this year people who probably never met each other before were cheering as one for the Cavs.

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