Breaking: Patriots acquire Brandin Cooks from Saints

By deejaywise
Mar. 11, 2017

Fresh off the 2017 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots have attacked free agency with a purpose. They've already traded for former Colts TE Dwayne Allen to fill the void left by the departed Martellus Bennett and signed Bills CB Stephon Gillmore to a 5 year $65 million deal to prepare for life without Logan Ryan. And moments ago I began to see news that New England has snagged the speedy Brandin Cooks away from the Saints. The Patriots give up their 1st and 3rd round picks but also got a 4th rounder in return along with Cooks, who has had over 1,100 yards receiving the past two seasons and is only 23 years old. My brain may not be functioning correctly but I believe Cooks is the most talented receiver Tom Brady has had since Randy Moss. Don't get it twisted, people. I'm not saying Cooks is close to being Moss. I am saying it speaks to the lack of weapons Tom Brady normally has at his disposal. Think about this people. Brady now has Cooks to take the top off defenses. This will only further open up the short routes Julian Edelman is so adept at running. And oh by the way Rob Gronkowski is kind of good. And don't forget about Malcolm Mitchell who had a nice rookie season and Super Bowl hero James White. Another advantage to this trade? The Patriots didn't have to give up Malcolm Butler!! I'm blown away. The Patriots are wheeling and dealing like they have never won anything. And in other news the Patriots picked up defensive end Kony Ealy and a 3rd round pick from Carolina. The Panthers get a second round pick in return. That's three trades New England has made so far and they've won every single one. In these three trades, the Patriots have acquired three productive players and three draft picks and have only surrendered four picks in return. That's flat out stealing. Looks like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have plans on a sixth Super Bowl ring. The on-field product is sure to be something worth watching. 

Super Bowls are not enough. The Patriots are dominating the offseason and just stole Brandin Cooks from New Orleans