Green Bay Packers Vs Washington Redskins: 2015 NFL Wild Card Round: Prediction/ Breakdown

By Zamir Bueno
Jan. 05, 2016


Keys to victory for Washington Redskins

In order for the Washington Redskins to beat the Green Bay Packers, they have to call a good amount of intermediate to long pass plays because the Green Bay Packers front four rarely gets pressure on the quarterback by themselves. The only time Green Bay can get pressure on the quarterback is when they send a linebacker or safety on a blitz. As a result of this, the Green Bay secondary has to cover Redskins wide receivers for a longer amount of time that leads to players being fatigued on certain plays and leaving wide receivers open. The Redskins should design plays that have long out, deep curl, comeback and streak routes to take advantage of the fact that Kirk Cousins will rarely receive pressure from the Green Bay Packers front four and giving him the opportunity to move the downfield on a consistent basis. If the Packers adjust and decide to send a linebacker or safety to blitz Kirk Cousins on a consistent basis then the Redskins can go back to their normal game plan. Which consists of running the ball and a short passing game that includes short out and drag routes as well as a play action bootleg to the right where Cousins throws the ball to a tight end or running back

Keys to victory for Green Bay Packers

In order for the Green Bay Packers to beat the Washington Redskins, they should aim to feature a heavy dose of the running game because every time Aaron Rodgers drops back to pass he is under constant pressure from opposing defensives since the offensive line isn’t strong and/or quick enough to hold their blocks. As a result of this, Rodgers does not have enough time to sit in the pocket and go thru his reads to make a good throw instead he has to get out of the pocket to try to avoid a negative play. A short-term solution to this problem is calling a lot of running plays during this game even if the packers only average 2-3 yards per carry. Once the Packers make the Redskins defense honor the running game by stacking the box then they will incorporate the passing game. The Packers may run a lot of play action passes due to the fact that they can fake the handoff to Lacey making the Redskins defense believe that he going to run the ball. As a result, the Redskins defense will keep the box stacked this will give the Packers receivers more man-to-man coverage. This will allow Aaron Rodgers to have more open space on the field to throw his receivers to the ball so they can make easier catches thus reducing his incompletions and/or interceptions. If the Packers follow this game plan they will be able to control time of possession and keep the Green Bay Packers front four off the field.

Ultimately the Green Bay Packers coaching staff understands that they have issues on both sides of the trenches. As a result of this, one would assume that the Packers will run the ball in order to protect Aaron Rodgers and/ or give him more open space on the field to throw his receivers to the ball as well as controlling time of possession to the Green Bay Packers front four off the field.

Winner: Green Bay Packers

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