Matthew Stafford Isn't The Primary Player To Blame For The Lions Offensive Struggles

By Zamir Bueno
Nov. 08, 2015

Over the past week rumors have started to circulate that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford may be parting ways with the organization after the season. These rumors have come to light because ownership and the fan base of the Lions have lost faith in the capability of Stafford to be a main component on a Lions team that can make a deep playoff run. Due to the fact that, Stafford has only been a part of two Lions teams that have reached the playoffs (2011, 2014). Throughout the first 8 weeks of this season, Stafford hasn’t been able to regain the faith of the ownership and fan base as the lions have a record of 1 - 7

Even though, Matthew Stafford is currently standing on shaky ground with ownership and the fan base. They should consider giving him another season as the Detroit Lions starting quarterback since the Lions offensive struggles are mostly due to a bad offensive line rather than Stafford. The Lions offensive line hasn’t been able to hold their blocks for enough time so that Stafford has time to make proper reads and a good throw to the wide receiver. As a result, Stafford is constantly feeling pressure from the defensive line and is ether throwing the ball up before he wants to or taking a sack. In fact, according team rankings Stafford is getting sacked 2.8 times a game. The only time Stafford has a clean pocket is when the receivers are running crossing routes and slants where he can get rid of the ball quickly. Until the Lions fix the offensive line any quarterback they start will be under constant pressure.

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