Odell Beckham Jr Is Causing The Giants To Be One Of The Most Inconsistent Teams

By Zamir Bueno
Nov. 02, 2015

Going into this season, the New York Giants organization made it a priority to feature Odell Beckham Jr as a focal point of their offense. Due to the fact that when Odell Beckham Jr made his debut for the Giants in October of last year, the Giants were able to finally see what kind of speed he had on the field. They soon realized that provided he had man-to-man against a corner, corners would be unable to keep up with his speed. This time and time again put Eli in a position to throw the ball ether over the top of the corner or over the middle of the field, in a position where defense would have trouble catching up to Odell. Throughout the first 8 weeks, the Giants game plan of featuring Odell Beckham Jr as a focal point of their offense is paying off statically but not in terms of win as Odell Beckham Jr continues to blow by corners and catch passes to the tune of 50 catches for 654 yards and 7 touchdowns and the Giants offense as a whole is 12th in the NFL in terms of passing yards per game averaging 258 yards per game.

The downside to featuring Odell Beckham Jr, as a focal point of their offense is that the Giants have chosen to push their running game and time of possession towards the background, which has led to the defense being on the field more. The Giants offense whole is 24th in the NFL in terms of rushing attempts per game averaging 24.5 rushing attempts per game and 26th in rushing yards per game averaging 94.5 rushing yards per game. On top of that the Giants are 29th in time of possession averaging 27:42 minutes on the field

While we all know that the defense has been awful this season some of the points they’re giving up are due to fatigue from being on the field so much (32:58 minutes). In order for the Giants to be more consistent for the rest of this year and the future they need to push Odell Beckham Jr towards the background and should consider trading him within the next 1-2 years

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