By kelvinAnthony
Feb. 18, 2017

            When the San Francisco 49ers start training camp this year there are alot of question marks surrounding the team. One of the easiest is that first time HC Kyle Shanahan should give former golden boy Colin Kaepernick a chance to reclaim some of his past glory. There has been multiple reasons that the 49ers have sunk to the depths of looking like the Cleveland Browns as a franchise with 3 straight seasons picking in the top 10 and having the number 2 pick this year. The up and down QB play can definately be blamed for the 2-14 record this past season but there is plenty of blame to go around. First, this is the 49ers 4th HC in as many years.With the power struggle that was in place and then you factor in Michigan was coming calling there was no way Jim Harbaugh was not leaving the bay area for Ann Arbor. It was his alma mater and dream job so why would he stick around especially when GM Trent Baalke was obviously struggling with the fact that Harbaugh was the reason for the success in recent years and not him.Secondly  After Harbaugh left the 49ers were hit by a massive roster over haul due to the fact that Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, Anthony Davis all retired and the team was in no position to replace all of them at the same time. Especially with Navarro Bowman coming back from injury and not knowing what to expect when he did return. Then there was the release of impact players like Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith both due to multiple arrests. Another factor that has had a major impact is simply not resigning key players such as Anquan Boldin, Frank Gore, Micheal Crabtree, Alex Boone, Mike Iupati, and thats just the offense. With all the talent that Trent Baalke let walk right out the door its not hard to see why this formerly prestigous franchise is where it is at the prsent moment in time. All of these factors that were just listed and add that new HC Kyle Shanahan can bring out a whole new part to a already very talented QB that has the raw physical abilities but with Shanahan can be taught the proper patience to take his game up a notch is why i feel very strongly that Colin Kaepernick is the best option for the 49ers at QB this season especially with a very weak draft class and free agent class. When given limited playing time last season even with below average players around him Kaepernick was still able to put together a few solid outtings that show hes not completely finished as a solid starter in the NFL. New GM John Lynch and HC kyle Shanahan are equipt with a very empty rostre and quite a significant payroll to fill a roster around Kap and point him in the right direction. Then keeping Kap opens up using the number 2 pick on the CB from The Ohio State University or what i think they should do is trade back and gain a few extra picks and still draft a CB but get one from the University of Florida and possibly draft DE Walker from FSU in round number 2. The positive  possibilities really start to add up when you take away one of the problems and that would be to start Colin Kaepernick at QB this season.

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