Quick preview of Jets vs. Dolphins in Week 9

By DPope28
Nov. 04, 2016

After squeaking out a win in Cleveland against the Browns, the Jets are sitting at a 3-5 record and look to make a playoff run midway through the season. Pretty positive statement right? Well don't go talking shit to every Giants and Pats fan you know just yet. This is still the Jets were talking about here. Not Pete Carroll's Seahawks or Big Ben and the Steelers. The New York Football Jets. The team infamous for the "Butt Fumble" and heart-breaking collapses like Week 17 last year. So I don't give a rat's ass what "momentum" the team is gaining until we're actually playing in January. Call me a pessimist, I don't care. I will continue to doubt us and shit on us until I see that little X next to our names in the standings. For the game this weekend, our D-Line needs to stick true to its colors and shut Jay Ajayi the fuck down. If we can control the trenches throughout the game and win a majority of 3rd-down battles, I think we''ll get out of Miami with a W. On the other hand we still have Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm of the ship...so nothing's ever guaranteed.

P.S.: I fucking hate that we gave that guy $12 million for one year. They duped the shit out of us honestly. Can you imagine what Fitz and his agent were thinking when they actually got the Jets to pay him over $10 mill a year? They probably looked at each other and yelled a good ole' "HA goteeeeeeem"