Why the Celtics Should do Nothing at Deadline

By DrEldre
Feb. 23, 2017

Do I think adding a player like Jimmy Butler or Paul George would make the Celtics a better team? Maybe. Any time you add an All Star caliber player to a roster, it's hard to say the team wouldn't improve. The thing is, I don't think adding one of those players makes much of a difference for the outcome of this season. The Celtics are not going to be able to beat Lebron and the Cavs. Think about when the Celtics had Pierce, Garnett, and Allen, it took everything they had to get past Lebron in those series and that Celtics team was MUCH better than this Celtics team. Plus Lebron has a significantly better supporting cast this time around. If you wasn't to disagree with me that's fine. Let's say by the grace of God the Celtics somehow get past the Cavs. You think with the addition of Butler or George that we're going to beat Golden State? No chance. If you're the Boston Celtics you are NOT winning a championship this year. Don't make a dumb move at the deadline. Keep the pick and try building a team that can win a championship three years from now. In the meantime this current Celtics team will be fun to watch and who knows maybe they can surprise, but it's not worth mortgaging the future for a guy who won't make a difference in the outcome of this season.