NBA Offseason Chatter

By TaronzaPelham
Jun. 15, 2017

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors have set the bar for every NBA team to chase and this offseason may see some changes to help those teams have a chance to dethrone the champs. Speaking of the champs, the Dubs will have 2 players under 30, with 3 combined MVPs and a Finals MVP, that will be free-agents this summer. While Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry technically will be on the market, there is no doubt that they both will be in a Golden State uniform next season. Now that we know those two aren't available, let's see who is. While not being a free agent, Paul George will garner lots of attention as a trade option for some team, and when I say some team, I mean the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's going to be interesting to see if Cleveland will be able to pull of a deal for PG13. It will probably take trading a Kevin Love or dare I say, a Kyrie Irving to bring George to the 'Land. I know Cleveland is going to make everyone besides LeBron James available, but thinking about trading a 25-year old ballhandling wizard, who could possibly be the best finisher around the rim in the league, is something that as a GM I wouldn't even think about doing it. But the Warriors have shown that you have to do some things that you wouldn't normally do to compete with them. You then begin to look at the free agents on the board and it doesn't seem that there is that impact player that can put you over the top to defeat GSW. You do have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin out there, as well as Gordon Hayward and Paul Millsap to name a few. But reading these names doesn't make you think that they will shift the balance of power. Another name that is out there is Carmelo Anthony. I just don't know what to think of the Carmelo situation in NY. It's obvious that Phil Jackson doesn't want 'Melo in NY, but for some reason Anthony wants to stay. I understand being loyal to your hometown team, but give yourself an opportunity to win, because it's obvious it won't happen in NY any time soon. Plus, it seems they want to rebuild around Kristaps Porzingis, so the writing is on the wall for 'Melo. But the question is where is a good fit for him. People want to say in Cleveland, but can a Kyrie-LeBron-'Melo trio work? They all are ball-dominant and as we know there is only one basketball. I am curious, though, to see how the Hayward free-agency courtship goes. There has been strong indication that Boston really wants Hayward. My thing is what are the numbers going to look like to sign him, knowing you have Isaiah Thomas coming up due for a contract. I think adding Hayward would put Boston in a better position to challenge Cleveland in the East, but I still don't know if it is enough to dethrone the 3-time defending Eastern Conference champs. I think the darkhorse in the East could be the Wizards. They have some concerns at their small forward spot as Otto Porter is a free agent and I don't see anyone that is out there to replace what he has been giving you. He is going to get paid, but the question will be whether it will be with the Wizards or someone else. This free agency season is going to be curious to watch how it plays out. Teams that aren't contenders are looking to improve their teams, and contending teams are looking to advance further in the playoffs and teams that are close are trying to find the formula to compete against the juggernaut in the Bay area.

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