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Some Analytics about NHL Draft

By Hazel Palladino
Jul. 13, 2017

One of the traditions of National Hockey League is to draft the new prospect each year. This procedure is commonly held soon after the end of the entire season. This year, this event was held in Chicago.

If analyzing the purposes for such event, one can draw two pretty logical conclusions. First of all, it’s all about the real “prospects” for the future of all 31 teams. New players mean new blood, strength, speed, technical skills and so on. New players offer new abilities for each team. At times, they are the main strength of a team. For instance, we can remember an incredible trio of Toronto Maple Leafs – Matthews, Nylander and Marner. These youngsters have made the huge contributions to the game of the team in general. Possibly, their misfortune in Play-Offs happened due to the lack of experience. Nonetheless, the result is pretty satisfying and it has perspectives for the new season.

The second reason is the salary-cap. In the next season, the cap will be lifted from 73 up to 75 million for each team. Even 2 million is a great advantage. Another good point about the newcomers is the matter of their salary. It is always low. Nobody would offer the new ones a-4-5 million contracts for their first season. Regardless of their talents in the junior leagues, they may not be able to cope with the adult league. There are numerous examples when young talents failed and were almost forgotten, as they could not meet the standards of the game with the highest standards. It’s not the same as if you for quick results. This is about a long perspective. Commonly, the first year in adult hockey gives a plain understanding of what the new players are capable of. Afterward, the best will receive good contracts and their teams will be looking for the new opportunities to have an acceptable budget and to find new players.

Recently, there has been another draft. What was so interesting about it? Of course, the new team! This one was even more important than the new players. Finally, a new team from Las Vegas has joined the League. Its name is Vegas Golden Knights.

The team’s number in the first round was 6. During the whole first round, the team gained Cody Glass and Nick Suzuki, who are the centers and seem to be very perspective. There is also a talented Swedish defender, Eric Brannstrom. The choices of the team from Nevada will be discussed for the next years by all. Some think that their choices are good. The others will disagree. Nevertheless, only their games in their first seasons will show who was right.

There is a great pressure for this new team. This is its first year and its roster is…not very impressive. Yes, the team has acquired Marc-Andre Fleury and James Neal, as well as many other famous and great players. Nevertheless, the team would hardly cope well with the experienced rivals who have the needed chemistry amongst all their players.

However, nobody would point a figure at the team if it completely fails the season. This is just the beginning and it will take some time to make out of Las Vegas a fierce collective. It’s all about time. We will see what they will be capable of in some 3-4 seasons. Which way would it go? Nobody knows. Perhaps the will take us all by surprise, which will be pleasant and impressive.

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