Tonight's Matthews, McDavid Matchup: I'm Not Too Excited

By Epiehl1
Nov. 01, 2016

Everybody in the hockey world are anticipating tonight's Edmonton/Toronto game.

I'm not.


It is because the Maple Leafs are no match for the Oilers.

Yes, the Leafs have Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner.  However, the goaltending is mediocre.


I don't know if Fredrik Anderssen is capable of stopping Edmonton's amazing hot offense.

Edmonton is on fire right now.

The Leafs, on the other hand, are losing, instead of winning.

I'll be happy if the Leafs get a point.

My biggest fear is seeing the Leafs lose the way the team did against Tampa Bay about a week ago.

I'll be bracing myself as I watch the game tonight.