Top 20 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

By Detroit Vs Everybody
May. 23, 2017


1. Aaron Rodgers (ADP Round 2 Pick 12)

2. Drew Brees (ADP 4.05)

3. Andrew Luck (ADP 5.04)

4. Matt Ryan (ADP 5.10)

5. Tom Brady (ADP 3.04)

6. Ben Roethlisberger (ADP 8.01)

7. Cam Newton (ADP 6.11)

8. Russell Willson (ADP 7.11)

9. Derek Carr (ADP 6.05)

10. Matthew Stafford (ADP 10.05)

11. Jameis Winston (ADP 9.02)

12. Kirk Cousins (ADP 8.04)

13. Marcus Mariota (ADP 9.08)

14. Dak Prescott (ADP 7.10)

15. Phillip Rivers (ADP 9.12)

16. Eli Manning (ADP 10.12)

17. Carson Wentz (ADP 12.07)

18. Andy Dalton (ADP 12.09)

19. Blake Bortles (ADP 14.10)

20. Carson Palmer (ADP 14.04)

Quick Thoughts

As much as i dislike Aaron Rodgers he's the number 1 QB in fantasy football if he's healthy. Drew Brees is a very close second, if you draft Brees you won't be disappointed, he consistently puts up big numbers. I feel like Tom Brady's age will start to show but he should continue to be a high end QB1 in fantasy. Cam Newton will hopefully capitalize on the talent that is around him. Stafford is always a good sleeper who has the ability to put up monster numbers. Winston has a ton of talent around him which will give him a good chance to finish the season in the top 10. Mariota is one of my favorites and now that he has Davis he also could finish top 10 for quarterbacks in fantasy. I still have faith in Eli Manning to produce decent numbers but don't expect to much. I believe Blake Bortles has the potential to be a top half QB in the league so he could deserve late round look.