They Need To Nail This Draft

By Footballx92
Jan. 04, 2017

So it has been a while since the browns came back to Cleveland,  and they have had 9 coaches? seems like a lot more and about 22 different Qb's. Is the browns just cursed? seems like it but with the regime in place, i believe they are doing the rebuild the right way, what i mean by that is the team is being really patience with what they are doing, they got the right coaching staff in place for this team to succeed in the near future but now it is up to the players that they put out there.  

The browns do have some good pieces that they need to build around, locking up Pryor has to be a priority, Coleman seems like he is going to be a game changer but we've had only a couple games to work with. Kessler i am sorry but the kid just doesn't have what it takes to be a QB1, he is a good back up not going to lie, he is going to come in and just game manage and you would not have to worry about him throwing interceptions (6 td's - 1 INT). Nassib and Ogbah seems to be legit but Nassib has to bulk up in the offseason and i think he will become a legit pass rusher. This upcoming draft, the browns really have to nail this draft, there has been too many times where they past on some players who became stars on other teams (Elliot). Where do they go? there is a need for a franchise QB, do they go with the beast? Myles Garrett i believe they will you can not let talent like that get passed you. They also need help all over the defence side of the ball especially in the secondary. 

now we will be waiting for the draft to see what this team will become, it will be very interesting to see what they will do, and as a browns fan who just wants to see a winning team in Cleveland, i am really hoping they nail this draft. 

"trust the process" 

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