Jeff Fisher Explains Why Tre Mason & Stedman Bailey Getting Shot Are to Blame for His Mediocre Years

By footbasket
Dec. 07, 2016

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I understand teams and organizations facing some adversity during a rebuild, but this is just disgraceful from Jeff Fisher. 

Five years after hiring Fisher, the Los Angeles Rams , 32nd in yards, and 32nd in first downs. This explains why everyone was shocked that he picked up a contract extension.

In trying to explain his and the Rams offensive ineptitude, Fisher may have created a firestorm when he used the personal tragedies of two LA offensive players as an excuse for why the team has been stuck in the mud for all these years.

“I look at this as being my responsibility, the win-loss record. We need to do a better job from a personnel standpoint. We’ve had some unfortunate things take place with some high picks in Stedman Bailey and Tre Mason and those kind of things that you don’t anticipate. But we’re moving forward.”

The last time one of Jeff Fisher’s teams had a winning record was in 2008. Also if the Rams lose another game, Fisher will become just the fifth coach in history with five consecutive losing seasons with the same team.

Yet New York Jets' Todd Bowles is coaching for his life, with a roster lacking just as much talent, if not more than the Rams.

-- ThaCover2