Sam's Packer Grades Week 11: We're Seriously 4-6?

By Samuel Fuller
Nov. 27, 2016

We've lost four games in a row and we're two games under .500. This team is getting consistent in the worst way possible. Once again, the defense gave up over thirty points. Once again, the defense had no interceptions and just two sacks. Once again, no rushing touchdown but James Starks catches one from a quarterback who, once again, attempts over forty passes and still loses. Nelson caught another touchdown, Bulaga forgets to block, and one of the guard completely blows pass coverage - again. The defensive line forgets to put pressure on the quarterback, the linebackers only tackle when the ball carrier comes to them, and a couple players drop to injury - all over again. Is this seriously the 2016 Green Bay Packers? I could rant in a five paragraph MLA-format about all of the things I'd fix, but at this point, we just need a change. It could be no more Mike McCarthy, no more Ted Thompson, no more Dom Capers, changing really anything on defense, or a combination of any of those. This Packers team is indeed looking consistent, but again, in the worst way possible. 


Offense: C+ QB/RB: B- WR/TE: B OL: D+

Defense: C- DL: C+ LB: C+ DB: D+ Special Teams: C+


A-: Julius Peppers, OLB; Aaron Rodgers, QB; and Jared Cook, TE.

Looks like it was a game of veterans for the Pack. Julius Peppers had a sack, 1.5 tackles for loss and a couple passes defended. Finally, the old outside linebacker is earning his pay and putting the pressure on the passer. Aaron had one of his better games of the season, throwing 351 yards with 3 TD's and no interceptions. A QBR of nearly 90 is something to write home about, and 3 rushes for 33 yards shows the versatility. He still couldn't get it done on the play action game and another loss was tacked on to the former MVP. Jared Cook played his first game in nearly two months and had over a hundred yards and a touchdown. When he's healthy, he's an absolute mismatch for defenders. If it wasn't for fumbling and losing the ball on a key drive, he would have had an "A" without any doubt. 


F: Don Barclay, RG. D-: Brett Hundley, QB; Ladarius Gunter, CB; and Quinten Rollins, CB.

Here we go again. First off, I would like to point out this is the first time we've had FOUR players with a D- or worse. If this doesn't demonstrate the correlation between play and losses, I don't know what else did Sunday. It was nauseating watching RG Don Barclay blow play after play. Having Barclay and RT Bryan Bulaga put Packers fans on their seat waiting for Rodgers to get maimed. Ladarius Gunter and Quinten Rollins were both atrocious cornerbacks. How many times were Redskins receivers Jamison Crowder and Desean Jackson left wide open to do as they please with their respective receptions? Touchdowns were given up by both, and any time a defense gives up 42 points, someone on the defense screwed up. Turns out, only a few players on the entire defense could put together a game above mediocre. 

Honorable Mention: B: James Starks, RB; Randall Cobb, WR; Jordy Nelson, WR; and Nick Perry, OLB

James Starks only had 9 rushes for 25 yards, marking another week with under 40 rushing yards, but his receiving touchdown amongst four other receptions puts him once again at a "B." Randall Cobb only had three catches, but he turned that into 84 yards, averaging 28 yards a catch. That big play game earns him a "B". Jordy Nelson had only three catches for 28 yards, but one of those catches was for a vital touchdown. Nick Perry had the other sack not tallied by Julius Peppers, making Clay Matthews the left-out outside linebacker. 

MVP Watch: Jordy Nelson is the lead man for another week with a 3.1 GPA. That makes him the only player with an "A-" rating for the season, with the second-place QB Aaron Rodgers at a dead-even 3 GPA. Third place is the former frontrunner LT David Bakhtiari (2.95 GPA), and WR Randall Cobb and K Mason Crosby round out the Top 5. 


Passing = Rodgers: A- (26/41, 351 Yds, 3 TD, 0 INT, 88.8 QBR, 1 Fumbles)

Rushing = Starks: B (9 rush, 25 yards, 0TD), Rodgers: A- (3 rush, 33 yds, 0TD)

Receiving = Nelson: B (3 Rec, 28 Yds, 1TD), Cobb: B (3 Rec, 84 Yds, 0TD), Adams: B- (3 Rec, 42 Yds, 0TD), Starks: B (5 Rec, 46 Yds, 1 TD), Cook: A- (6 Rec, 105 Yds, 1TD)

Defense = No INTs, 2 Sack (Peppers, Perry)

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Thank you and God Bless,

Samuel R. Fuller