Warriors legend Baron Davis responds to online Racist meltdown over Black Santa

By JonathanMcCorkell
Dec. 19, 2016

Apparently, internet racists can't abide the thought of their favorite holiday fictional character, Santa Claus (who lives at the non-existent isle of the North Pole and delivers present with the help of flying reindeer) being anything other than white as snow.

Earlier this month the Mall of America in Minnesota announced that their Santa was retired Army vet Larry Jefferson from Irving, Texas and (sarcastic gasp)... he was a black man! Internet cowards did not like that one bit, tell you what!

Well former Golden State Warriors legend and leader of the "We Believe" squad has something to say about all this nonsense. In an interview with BlackEnterprise.com last Friday, Davis told writer Selena Hill,  “I thought it was good what the Mall of America did. I support that, It’s all about the emotions and the affect that [the Santas] give people—not really what they look like. That was the whole point of having a black Santa Claus.”

He added that he supports all santas of all colors and that "ignorance is the driving force behind those who are outraged by the idea of a person of color playing Kris Kringle. There are a lot of people in this world that enjoy conflict.” 

In November, Baron Davis founded The Black Santa Company, which creates characters, content and clothing that celebrate diversity. The company is currently promoting a cool, modernized, black version of St. Nick as their first creation. This past weekend Baron and Black Santa visited Compton, California for a community event/ toy drive.



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