Bosh says his "health is great" and he's "staying ready" for possible comeback

By HeatDiehards
Feb. 28, 2017

Chris Bosh may be enjoying his new gig, but he hasn't given up on trying his old gig again.

During last night's debut of TNT's "Player's only" series, Chris Webber asked Chris Bosh how he was feeling in terms of general health. 

Here's what Bosh said:

"My health is great. I think one of the interesting things that I didn't anticipate was my mental health, and that's something that as athletes we have to take into regard because we're used to a set schedule and we're used to a certain type of world. And that's something that I've really had to work on for my well-being, and it's been great.

"My health is great. I'm feeling good, still working out and just really still staying ready."

During the 2014/2015 season, Bosh was initially diagnosed with blood clots that traveled to his lungs. After missing the rest of that season, he came back the season after and was later sidelined again with the same problem, only this time it was in his calf.

Bosh has been on blood thinners, which can cause excessive bleeding if involved in physical . Before this season started, he tried proposing the idea of coming off of thinners before game time to the Heat doctors. Unfortunately, he failed his physical exam which led to Heat president Pat Riley telling reporters the Heat were "no longer working towards his return."

The 11-time all-star is expected to be waived in the Heat's bid to claim salary cap relief sometime this month. Maybe as soon as this Thursday after the buyout deadline. 

Throughout this whole situation, Bosh has remain optimistic about playing again, saying multiple times he wants to return. It's very unlikely he'll ever step foot in a Heat jersey again, but should he find a team doctor who can clear him, then we may just see Chris Bosh on the court again.

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