Chris Bosh not ready to call it quits just yet

By HeatDiehards
Dec. 08, 2017

The last time Chris Bosh played in a NBA game was February 9th, 2016. He's been dealing with blood clot issues that prematurely ended his career with the Heat. The Heat waived Bosh after a doctor--jointly selected by the NBA and NBPA-- determined Bosh's blood clot issues was a career-ending illness. This move allowed the Heat to receive salary-cap relief from Bosh's contract.

Since then, Chris Bosh has remained from the game. However, that doesn't mean he's ready to call it quits.

During an appearance on T, Bosh remained adamant, despite being sidelined for two seasons, that he still can help a NBA team.

“That’s still there in front of me,” Bosh said about the possibility of a NBA return, . “The window is still open. Once I close the doors, it’s closed. I don’t open it back up. That’s kind of me as a human being. That’s just one of the things about me. … But yeah, for me, I don’t close anything until I’m officially done. So until that day, I will definitely let everybody know when that day comes, if it comes soon.”

Bosh then added he continues to work out to stay in shape, including some basketball drills on the court.

“I still, of course, work out and everything I’m still doing work on the court,” Bosh . “That’s very important to me. I’m still keeping my options open for the future. I know a lot of people don’t know that, but don’t write me off just yet.”

Bosh also hinted that his relationship with the Heat has improved. The two sides were at odds when Bosh failed his physical prior to the 2016/17 season.

“With the situation with the Heat, that’s over and it went through and everything is all good,” Bosh. “You know, we still talk on a continual basis. So the smoke has cleared and we can all move on.”

Only Bosh knows how healthy he is right now, and if a NBA team signs him, we'd know how physically ready he is after undergoing a physical. Bloods clots issues are very serious and should be taking as such. However, if he can play, it'll be great to see him again.

If not, that's ok. His basketball resume still looks good and he'll be in the hall of fame someday anyway.