Was Super Bowl 53 the Most boring Bowl Game We've Seen?

By Harrison Miller
Mar. 04, 2019

While Super Bowl 53 wasn’t the most boring bowl game we’ve ever seen, it’s certain to rank towards the top of the list. Snoozefest aside, we did see several broken records, including lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history which certainly didn’t help us in staying awake. On the whole, this year saw a well-matched game of defense.

In fact, the first (and only) touchdown of the game wasn’t seen until the fourth quarter.

Now that enough time has passed and we’ve all had a chance to recover from this year’s championship game, let’s take a look at the highlights from each quarter.

1st quarter (Patriots: 0, Rams: 0):

  • Ram’s Cory Littleton intercepted Tom Brady’s first pass attempt of the game.
  • Missed field goal attempt by Patriot’s Stephen Gostkowski (46 yards).
  • By the end of the first quarter, we only saw 29 yards of offensive gain by Rams - 17 passing, 12 rushing.

2nd quarter (Patriots: 3, Rams: 0):

  • Successful field goal attempt by the Patriots finally puts 3 points on the board.
  • By half-time, Patriot’s had nearly double the amount of possession time as the Ram. Foreshadowing?

3rd quarter (Patriots: 3, Rams: 3):

  • A field goal made by Ram’s kicker Greg Zuerlein ties the game. Also worth noting this 53-yard kick was the 2nd longest in Super Bowl history and one of only 5 attempts made at over 50 yards.
  • Ram’s punter Johnny Hekker also sets a record for longest punt ever seen in the Super Bowl.

4th quarter (Patriots: 13, Rams: 3 - FINAL):

  • With 7 minutes left in the game, we see the first and only touchdown, completed by Sony Michel of the Patriots. The field goal is good.
  • Hoping to tie up the score, Rams make a touchdown attempt with 4 minutes left in the game, but the run is unsuccessful.
  • With just a minute left in the game, Patriots complete another field goal which brings the score to 13-3, securing their victory.

It’s worth noting a few other records broken in this year’s bowl game, most of which can be credited to the Patriots. At 41, Tom Brady became the oldest starting quarterback in Super Bowl history as well as the player with the most championship rings.

Bill Belichick also became the oldest head coach to win the Super Bowl and his team tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl titles of all time. Along with being the lowest scoring, this game also had the fewest number of touchdown of any NFL championship game.

Despite the records set, odds are the we saw during this year's Super Bowl were more exciting than the game itself. Even the halftime show was pretty bland in comparison to past years. And while it was hard to watch yet another Patriots win, both teams played well and put up a good fight.

Let’s just hope there’s a bit more in the way of the offense next year.