Today's Trade Talk; Trying To Make Sense Of A Wild Day Around The NHL

By Jacob Carmendy
Jun. 30, 2016

​Yesterday, Yesterday, YESTERDAY!! Everything happened in a span of 23 minutes around the NHL, and we're gonna try and make some sense of this wild situation that practically blew up the hockey world. 

First, it all happened so fast. TheNewJerseyDevilsacquireTaylorHallfromtheEdmontonOilersforAdamLarssonWHA..TheMontrealCanadienstradePKSubbantotheNashvillePredatorsforSheaWeberWWWHHHAA...TheTampaBayLightningre-signStevenStamkosWWWWHBAATAJCNEKXKNDJXSAAAATTT??!?!

Yeah, that fast. 

Now let's get back to earth and talk about this. 

The First move out of all of this mess was the Taylor Hall trade. The New Jersey Devils got Taylor Hall from the Edmonton Oilers for Adam Larsson in a one for one swap. 

Sounds like a good trade based on team need, the Oilers needed a defenseman and the Devils get a superstar player in return, however, Adam Larsson and Taylor Hall are on two completely different levels. Hall is a star player and one of the top forwards in the entire league. Now Larsson is a solid defenseman, but he's no Taylor Hall. In fact, Larsson sounds like the starting point in a trade package, which is why everyone was so confused right out of the gate. 

Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli seems pretty sold on Larsson's ability to blossom into a No. 1 defenseman, which he better hope happens, otherwise New Jersey just got away with robbery here. 

Second move, before we could even digest the Hall-for-Larsson trade, the massive tidal wave hits. 

The Montreal Canadiens traded P.K. Subban, yes P.K. Subban, to the Nashville Predators for... Shea Weber. At this point, even NHL 16 is disappointed in these moves. This is probably the point where hockey exploded. 

I think we all agree here when we say, what the hell are you doing Marc Bergevin?!?! 

Now yeah Shea Weber has been one of the top defenseman in the NHL over the last 5 or 6 years or so, but P.K. Subban is a superstar defenseman who's only getting into his prime and is amongst the top 3 d-men in the league. Weber on the other hand, is starting to get into his decline years. 

Habs GM Marc Bergevin seems to love this deal, as he praised Weber a lot in the team's press conference announcing the move, but try and say that to your fans who are ready to burn down your office. 

Meanwhile, the Nashville Predators are basking in the glory of getting a player of Subban's caliber. 

We all expected Subban to be moved this offseason, but not in that way at all. 

Now this brings us to the final move.

The Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign Steven Stamkos. In other words, the biggest let down of the offseason happened. 

Everyone expected Stamkos to not only hit free agency, but sign perhaps the largest deal in NHL history on the open market. Heck, the NHLPA used their 5% escalator to increase the salary cap so Stamkos could get a bigger deal. Not happening. 

In fact, Stamkos isn't even going to make $10million per year, he's not even going to make $9million per year on his new deal, he's making $8.5million per year. Thanks Steven for trolling the NHL hardcore. 

Well, that just about sums up yesterday's day around the league, AND ITS NOT EVEN JULY 1ST PEOPLE!!! Sorry, got a little wild there. 

Needless to say though, one can only wonder what's in store for the next few days in the NHL.