Travis Hamonic To Jets? What a Trade Would Look Like

By Jacob Carmendy
Apr. 04, 2016

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

​Travis Hamonic has been a mainstay on the New York Islanders blue line since his career began in the 2010-2011 season, where he scored 6 goals and recorded 26 points in 62 games for the team. Now, Hamonic is in his 6th NHL season and has arguably been one of the most important members of an Islanders team that has become a perennial playoff contender in recent seasons. However, despite the fact that the Islanders value Hamonic very highly, they face a tough decision on the defenseman in the near future. 

Earlier this season, Hamonic met with Islanders GM Garth Snow to express his interest in being traded to a team near his Winnipeg home, citing family reasons as to why he's asked for a trade out of New York. That put and still currently puts Snow in a tough position due to the fact that the Islanders value not only Hamonic's skill, but they also value his team friendly contract and there is only a couple of teams to where Hamonic would be able to be traded to near his Winnipeg home(Jets, Wild). 

The Wild obviously aren't a fit due to the fact that the team already has depth on the blue line and no reason to pursue another defenseman. Which leaves one team, the Winnipeg Jets. The obvious reason the Jets are a fit, it's right where Hamonic lives. But how would the Jets and Islanders be able to make a Hamonic trade work? 

Back in October, when the reports about Hamonic's desire to be traded surfaced, Garth Snow's asking price was reportedly too much for teams to even consider. It's necessary to see why Snow is asking for so much(Hamonic's team friendly contract, his status as one of the most underrated defenseman in the league) but there's not much of a likelihood that Snow will actually get everything he wants in a deal. Eventually, he'll have to bite on something. 

As for the Jets side of things, the team faced a decision on their own top defenseman, Dustin Byfuglien during the season, eventually re-signing the pending unrestricted free agent to a 5 year/$38M contract with the team. That lessens the Jets need for a top defenseman. 

However, if Winnipeg were to open talks with the Islanders about Hamonic, let's take a look at what the two teams could come together on towards a trade. 

The main piece Garth Snow wants in a Hamonic trade is a defenseman with a similar skill set of Travis Hamonic. The Jets have just that in 22-year old Jacob Trouba. One problem here, the Jets have no interest in trading Trouba, not even for Hamonic. Which leads me to wonder if maybe the Jets would be interested in trading top prospect defenseman Josh Morrissey, who is close to NHL ready. 

More would have to be added for the Islanders to even consider pulling the trigger on a trade though, so this is what I would wonder, could a trade package of defensemen Tobias Enstrom( retaining some of his $5.75M salary), Morrissey, and perhaps another prospect or a mid round pick be enough to entice the Islanders? We can only find out if the two teams would be willing to talk a Hamonic trade.