Boston... Pay David Pastrnak

By Zach Tamilia
Sep. 12, 2017

Boston Bruins fans... you need to hear this.....Let me throw out some names for you.... Tyler Seguin, Phil Kessel, Joe Thorton, Dougie Hamilton, and Loui Eriksson. These are all the players Boston let go because they didn't play "The Bruins Way." Bruins fans, how can you let your franchise let 4 franchise players and Loui Eriksson walk away because they don't play some ridiculous

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

outdated style of hockey. David Pastrnak is your future. No it's not Brad Marchand or Patrice Bergeron, or Adam McQuaid.... Don't get me started on McQuaid who they chose to pay instead of Dougie Hamilton. David Pastrnak is going to score 25 goals a year in his sleep. For a team that has given away goal scorers and point producers like "Yankees Suck" t shirts at Fenway, don't let it happen this time.

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