NHL Draft age proposal is a problem

By Zach Tamilia
Sep. 14, 2017

Last year in the NHL we can all agree was historical for rookies. Lanie, Matthews, Eichel, McDavid, Murray, and countless others. (don't yell at me if i forgot anyone) All if not most of these players were in year one or two of their career. Auston Matthews was chasing Sidney Crosby for the goals title last year as an 18 year old. If the NHL goes through with the idea of moving the draft age up to 19 to further stunt the growth of players we won't have seasons like Auston Matthews. This is a Canada problem!

They contentiously gripe about how hockey is Canada's sport and how Canada is the best at hockey and everyone in our country loves hockey and they go to Junior Hockey games. Here's the problem. They don't love Junior Hockey as much as they claim they do. Half of the franchises are struggling finically, and want to keep their players even longer to keep the fans interested. Players growth is already being stunted by the transfer agreement which forces players to stay in the CHL rather than developing properly under the watchful eye of their NHL team. Instead 18 year olds who should be in the AHL are forced to go play 16 year olds in the CHL. How can you get any better playing against lesser competition? Think about this Canada. Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews wouldn't have fallen into your lap if the draft age was 19. Think about that!

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