Teams And Managerial Issues And Possible New Recruits 05.01.15

By Arya Agnihotri
Jan. 05, 2016

A lot has happened in the past twenty-four hours for managers of big teams and managers across the world. Six clubs facing issues so in todays post i will be working back from five to number one.

6. Arsenal sign Liverpool and England International - Earlier this morning Liverpool let g of Fara Williams Liverpool and england superstar. Fara is the highest capped female English international ever. The 31 year old has represented her country just under 150 times and is probably also Englands best outfield player ever alongside the highest capped. Williams has had plenty of experience in the footballing field playing with the likes of Chelsea,Everton and Charlton. When she was with the Reds she won the FA Cup in 2013 and 2014. 

5. Daniel Sturridge out again - On sunday morning Daniel Sturridge was declared fit to play in the first leg of the semi-final against Stoke for Liverpool on Tuesday night. The Reds striker is apparently suffering from "swelling muscles" and "calf pains." He is injured most of the time and is rarely fit for a long amount of time. Manager Klopp said "we are doing a very intensive fitness routine to help stop this injuries from occurring." He added "We must not rush Sturridge because if we do his injuries may become a lot worse." "He will be recalled after fitness sessions when he is fit and ready."

4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang misses training - According to Dortmund it was because he had a personal appointment and would return to training on Thursday. The club and players account has apparently been linking Aubamyang with a move to another club. Reports in the UK and Germany have linked the striker with Liverpool,Arsenal and Manchester United. Fellow teammates like Hummels,Reus and Ginter all want him to stay because he is respected and a good friend.

3. Adidas disliking Manchester United playing style - Manchester United's playing style is not what main sponsor Adidas want to see. Manchester United started a £75M deal with Adidas at the start of the season. If Manchester continue playing in this style there contract may be cut and all that £75M will go to the German Sportswear giant Adidas. Co-owner says business is going well with United it's just there way of playing which Adidas are not liking. This is probably because of that poor run of performances were they didn't win for nine games until they beat Swansea 2-1 at the weekend. This deal is not just for the season it's for ten years and is worth a whopping £750M!!

2. Benitez sacked so Zidane replaces - Just seven months ago Rafa Benitez was appointed as Real Madrid manager. Yesterday evening he was sacked due to average performances to teams like Valencia and Espanyol. Now ex Real Madrid wonder man Zenadine Zidane has replaced him. In just the past 24 hours he has had his first two training sessions with the team and made a few transfer targets including Eden Hazard.

1. Pep Guardiola ready to join the EPL - Pep Guardiola has told the press that he is willing to leave Bayern Munich and join Manchester United,Manchester City and Chelsea this window. He has not decided on a club yet but he definitely would like to be a manager in the Premier League this season. Sky sources in Germany understand that Pep Guardiola will become Manchester City manager in the summer but according to most sources thats a load of rubbish. He says he needs "a new challenge" even after managing the world best teams Barcelona and Bayern Munich,both leading them to big trophies. Guardiola is still favoured to replace Pellegrini but you never know what will happen.

Hope you enjoyed this post + Thanks for reading


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