I'm Back!

By Chris Durell
Jan. 17, 2017

I really pooped the bed when I started this blog last year at this time. It was a great idea with horrible timing, to be perfectly honest. I was looking for a place, outside of the sites I write for, where I could ramble on about fantasy sports, stats, spreadsheets and pretty much anything to do with sports in general. The problem with the timing was that I was just starting down the road as a full-time writer/fantasy sports content provider and was completely naive to the time and work involved on a day to day basis, especially when trying to cover five completely different sports(NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, PGA). 

The blog took a back seat as I was on a new career and life path. My wife went back to work after two years with our youngest daughter. This left me with another time consuming and very much full-time job, being a stay at home dad. It was a learning experience, to say the least, in 2016 but a tremendous step forward in my life. 

The journey has led me to a bigger role with both sites(DFSR.com & Rotoballer.com) as well as a new role with LineLab.com where the specialize in lineup optimization for NFL, MLB and NBA. They are also the power behind the DFSR optimizer. I started writing for them last summer and finished out the season writing MLB and then spent the entire NFL season writing two articles a week for daily fantasy football using their awesome Player Lab to break down matchups ad create lineups. Using their tools and my knowledge I managed to have the most profitable fantasy football season of my short career. I can't wait to attack a full MLB season with their updated tools. 

I told you I would ramble! Back to the blog itself. Now that I have had over a year to somewhat organize my path I have decided to get back to my blog. There are a few things I want to accomplish with the blog including sharing some stats, spreadsheets, trends, strategies and pretty much anything to do with fantasy sports, mostly from a daily fantasy perspective. To start off, I will have another writer(Ryan Couckuyt or @curlmonster7 on Twitter) join me with DFS NHL  stuff on the blog including strategy articles and eventually podcasts(when I figure out the whole process). It will be an exciting ride. Bookmark it!

Ok, before I totally lose all three of my readers I will leave you with this Canadian SportsCenter 2016 Top 10 plays:


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