Introducing The Mailbag

By JakeElman
Dec. 09, 2013

SportsMix will have its first mailbag session soon; be a part of it!

How many Robinson Cano and Carlos Beltran questions will I get?

Written by Jake Elman


Ah, mailbags. They're a way to connect with your readers, interact with your fans, and give your opinions that most people probably disagree with. As I sit here on a day when school was cancelled for me, the idea of a mailbag returned to me. Back in October, I considered doing it, but thought it was a bad idea. 

Why? I thought that I'd get no questions or just a few. 

But, now that traffic is increasing a lot, I think it can realistically happen. Add the fact in that people are starting to constantly ask me sports-related questions, and that helps a lot. So, I am proud to announce the first SportsMix mailbag!

For those unfamiliar with what a mailbag is, it's just people sending me questions or comments, and I answer them. I've been wanting to do this for a few months, and now seems like a great time. Those who follow my Of course, there are some rules that I have to lay down.

You can send me any amount of questions to either my email - [email protected], Twitter direct messaging, Twitter itself, or my Ask.FM, which is JakeElman. For email or Ask.FM, just leave your name and location (i.e. Jake, New York). 

I want these questions to be mainly about sports, but they can be about anything; music, movies, what I do with my life...just be mature, please. Don't ask questions that you wouldn't ask me in person.

The goal is that I want to do a mailbag around Christmas time, but that'll be determined on how this goes. So, this is just an experiment. You have the ways to get me; send me the questions!

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